CVS Trip – 57% Savings Better than None

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CVS Trip Savings

CVS tripAfter my Walgreens score and explanation last week, I decided to hone in on a CVS trip this week and boy was I glad I did! I got a few freebies, stocked up on luncheon pizzas and earned some ECBs for next week. This is my picture, to the left, of everything I got, minus the clippers since hubby already confiscated those (*Note to self – Hide score until photo is taken* LOL)

This is the 3rd installment of my Shopping Spreadsheet and the easiest of them to explain because I’ve gone over the other columns in my previous posts, Publix – Small Trip, Big Savings and Take the Confusion Out of Walgreens Shopping. I suggest you read those first so you will understand how to use the different columns that I won’t be explaining in this post. In those posts, I explained how to use the grocery store and Walgreens tabs, and now I will go over CVS.

CVS Trip Screenshot (May have to click on screenshot to enlarge)

CVS Tab vs. Walgreens Tab

The CVS tab is a bit different than the Walgreens. It has a column for the rewards you get for buying certain products. Walgreens has Register Rewards (RRs) and CVS has Extra Care Bucks (ECBs) but unlike at Walgreens, at CVS your item count does not have to match or exceed your coupon count so you will see no # Qs Used column. There is no reason to track that so no reason to include the column.

In a way, the CVS tab is much like one of the grocery store ones except you will see columns to track your ECBs earned and used. If you’ll notice, I have included the deals that will earn me ECBs, and how much I earned, in the ECB Earned column. The ECB Used column is for any ECBs I used in my transaction to bring my total down. Just like Walgreens, the ECB Earned has nothing to do with this shop, it’s just a record of what I am supposed to get when I check out. It totals at the bottom so I know how much I have to use on my next trip.

That’s about it on my Shopping Spreadsheet usage. As I explained above, to see a full explanation of how the different columns are used, read the previous articles mentioned at the top. If you ever have any questions, ask away. I can be reached at, around the Facebook page or through instant message.

If you want to try the Shopping Spreadsheet for yourself, click on any of the shopping spreadsheet links in this post, save it to a different name on your computer and it’s all yours! Can’t wait to see pictures of you employing the spreadsheet and of course the awesome bargains you score using it! Until then, Shop Happy! ~ Michele

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