Cyndi’s OCD Stockpiling 01/07/2012

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Cyndi’s Stockpiling Adventures

Stockpiling Pic 1Okay all your voyer’s I’ll give you a little peek at how I go about stockpiling.  Know going in I’m a little OCD and a lot anal-retentive. One of the things that concerned me when I starting couponing was where were we going to store every thing. It was uber important to me that it be neat and organized. The problem is that we have very limited storage space, but I must admit hubby has been wonderful in helping me work it out.

We had a closet in my step-son’s room that wasn’t really being used so hubby got me a shelf and closet organizers for in there and built me 2 shelves over the deep freezer. That worked great till we came home one day and the cheap shelf we bought looked like the Leaning Tower of Pisa.  When David suggested getting sturdy shelves I should have listened.  We endedStockpile pic 2 up adding a good shelf in there so now we have 2.


Stockpiling with Limited Space

Now as the stockpiling continued, our lack of space became more of an issue.  We have since saved up and purchased 2 cabinets.  This has been the answer!  It has allowed me to separate things that we use regularly in the kitchen cabinet, health & beauty (HBA) and miscellaneous in the bedroom cabinet, extras in the closet and cleaning supplies in the laundry room.

Once we got the space problem solved it quickly became apparent that it can get out of hand and unorganized.  That is not an option, it will drive me insane!  So we agreed that the best thing was to decide how we wanted things and make a pact to stick with it.  So now all the shelves in the HBA cabinet have labels and we’ve added bins to keep the small stuff in.  When we put away food items the expiration date is written in black marker where it can be easily seen.  This has helped us to make sure we use items before they expire so there is no waste.

Stockpile pic 3

Put Away When You Get Home

Another important thing is that we put things away as soon as we come home from shopping.  In the beginning, I would get home from a shopping trip, put the bags on the floor in the kitchen with the intention of getting to it later.  Later never comes!  Luckily hubby and my daughter are great about helping so this had made things a lot easier.

I think the big thing is to work with the space you have and get everyone involved when stockpiling.  Writing this article has made me realize more than I ever did, that this really takes all hands on deck.  Try to be a little flexible, that is my downfall.  Thank goodness hubby balances that out.  You will have to work through it and try things, some will work and some won’t.  Don’t give up! ~Cyndi


 Stockpiling pic 4

stockpile pic 5stockpile pic 6


  1. I’m running out of space. Ugh means I need to really start cherry picking I’m guessing or make more room. Haven’t quite decided.

    • Teresa it took us a while to figure it out. I did do under the bed storage units in the beginning, those are the bomb.

  2. Coupon Erin says

    I love my labeler! I just had someone comment on how everything in the garage was labeled. One thing about OCD is you always know where everything is.

  3. What does uber mean?

  4. Christine Smatlak says

    I love your organization. My fiancee has stockpile OCD too!! lol

    • Thank you! Hubby was really great about putting up the shelves and doing the cabinets. We bought them unfinished.

  5. Glad I’m not the only one!

  6. GREAT JOB !!!!! I LOVE IT !!!!! Slowly; but, surely, my organization is starting to pick up. My OCD is horrible; but, even worse without the tools to do the organizing. I’ve been checking resale shops for storage space and so far it’s been good, just have to wait for the items to be brought in. It takes time; but, glad that I have ALOT of patience.

    • It took us time to get the money saved up for the storage items. We used lots of under the bed bins until we got it.

  7. Wizard Laurie says

    Great Post Cyndi! I will have to take some pics of mine and post them as well. 🙂

  8. I love it! I need to get more organized!!

  9. Ronald Greene says

    We bought some organizer shelves for the pantry doors. Never thought about using a shoe rack for the bags of mixes (biscuit, potatoes, etc.) Great idea.

  10. Randi Greene says

    Ours is slowly but surely getting organized. We are going to get some wood to build shelves for a couple of closets in the house.

    • I would love some wood shelves… that is on my “wish list”

      • If anyone lives near an IKEA, they have these fabulous sturdy wood shelving units with adjustable shelves for $20. You can also purchase more shelves to go with the unit for just $5 each. Perfect for a stockpiles.

  11. We’ve only been couponing for 9 months but haven’t been able to really stock things up ’till recently. Thanks for the ideas on keeping things organized.

  12. Janet Gillich says

    My goal is to get some more shelving for the basement once my husband finishes his project down there. hopefully it will be soon.

  13. I like to think we all have a touch of OCD… things, for me, have to be completely organized before I can begin to function!

    • My problem is I’m also bipolar so I’m only OCD part of the time. When things get unorganized it will start to eat at me then its back up super-freak-o organizing.

  14. ladies ladies its not ocd its cdo alphabetically the way it should be 🙂

  15. I need to get more organized, but I have also taken a break from major shopping and trying to use up what we have. The last time I worked on my stockpile to make sure I was not getting out of controll or buying the deals. With the way we go through canned veggies I need to get more and just find a space for them.

    • Over the last few months I have taken a shopping break. Now my stockpile is getting low so I’ve had to start up a little bit.

  16. Looks great Cyndi. Hope one day to have my basement back and use the shelves already there.

  17. jacci leslie says

    I’m not normally OCD (or cdo), but my family knows not to mess with my stockpile!!! We don’t have a space to keep it all together, so some of the hba stuff is in the glass cabinet in the bathroom, more is in the linen closet, toilet bowl cleaner, lysol wipes, and trial size stuff is under the vanity. In our closet we have a 3 drawer rolling cart – 1 drawer is toothpaste, toothbrushes, floss – 1 is razors and refills (the hydro refills are usually pretty cheap at cvs with bogo and Qs) the other is misc, with band-aids hair ties, make up, etc – There are a couple shelves in the storage room outside, a cabinet in the laundry room.- it works, And I think by having a little here, and a little there, it’s not such an overwhelming stockpile when other people see it

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