Deal Genius – Moving Animal Slippers

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From Deal Genius – Animal Slippers

Deal Genius - Moving Animal Slippers

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Take your dogs for a walk, and their ears will perk up with every step! These funny bunnies will do the same. And in these rare pair of crocs, each stomp makes a chomp! Crazy Slippers are the craziest, most fun footware for kids, teens & small footed adults. Hidden air pumps inside the cushioned heels cause the animals to move when stepping down, hence there are no electronics or batteries required. The plush is soft and warm, like wearing stuffed animals on your feet. They can even encourage exercise since they’re so fun to move around in. Crazy Slippers lead everyone onto a new path of fun!

Crazy Moving Animal Slippers
Retail: $16.00
Deal Price: $7.99
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This Product from Deal Genius Features:
  • Stomp action makes animals move w/each step.
  • Ears perk up & down on the bunny & dog.
  • Mouth opens & closes on the crocodile.
  • Air pumps make them move – no batteries required.
  • Soft, comfortable plush like a stuffed animal.
  • Non-skid bottoms: good traction on smooth surfaces.
  • Comfy, cushioned insoles, soft polyester fur.
  • Plastic or embroidered eyes.


Deal Genius features smart buys to make your life easier and more fun. With the lowest prices online and free ground shipping, shopping with Deal Genius is a no-brainer. Add stellar service to the equation, and eureka! You’ve found the formula for shopping bliss. Orders ship within 1 business day from Chicago, IL. Always feel free to contact their knowledgeable and friendly customer support team, who prove that not all geniuses are socially awkward.!

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