Valentine Floral Arrangements DIY

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Valentine Floral Arrangements

Valentine floral arrangements

Valentine’s Day is not only the one day everyone sets aside to celebrate love for each other, but kids love to share cards and candy with their BFF’s and secret admires not to mention wanting to make mom a flower pot. I will be running a series of DIY Valentine Floral Arrangements to help inspire you to make your own and save while doing it.

With that said, Valentines is the second largest commercialized holiday and if you’re following the coupon-wizards using coupons to maximize your savings, it safe to say you would love to find a way to give a living valentines gift that looks like a florist made it, but you did it on your own for pennies on the dollar, if not for free.

To do this, I needed to start with finding a pot of some sort. I rifled through boxes of “stuff” with the intent of a garage sale or even something that had sentimental value, but was just in a box somewhere. If you don’t have anything to use, a thrift shop, Good Will store or a yard sale has things to work with inexpensively. It’s amazing how many things I could come up with. I could use as a pot that someone might consider junk or not consider at all because they were not designed to be outside.

I haven’t been serious grocery shopping for a couple months and need to stockpile. So I went to the one store I normally wouldn’t go to because I needed overages to pay for my flowers. It was not as difficult as I thought it would be because their 6 pack pots of flowers were less than a $1.50, and Cyclamens were $3.00. You don’t have to stick with roses, it’s too cliche.

Croc with english daisyI found a pair of blue Croc shoes at a Garage sale for .25 cents and because they typically have hole openings, I lined the inside of the shoe with landscape fabric. This keeps the dirt in, but allows excess water to drain out.  Because these are small shoes, I just used one plant in the six pack. Great project for a kid to give mom. Cost: I paid $.25 cents for the shoes, flower free with overage.

small vallentines gift

In this photo I was inspired by one of the most popular on-line floral companies asking $20.00 for a red pot with a white Gerber Daisy. I took a small clay pot and spray painted it red and put a white Cyclamen flower in it. Everyone knows that I love to garden so it’s not uncommon for me to go outside and find that someone left empty pots in my driveway, half of them are always clay pots. I cleaned one up and sprayed it red to re-gift back, I have enough pots. Cost: Free.

Valentine floral arrangements This photo was inspired by yet another on-line florist and was the exact arrangement. I had to chuckle because I knew I had the pot somewhere. I don’t know where it came from, but it was in a box with some hobby tools inside. I cleaned it up and put a red Cyclamen inside to compliment the white. Cost: Free.

I do not like paying for flowers that will die. When I work on my plants, I know who gave it to me and the reason why it was given. Living plants are so much more personal and they live on. Tomorrow, in part two, I will show you more arrangements that may continue to inspire you through using coupons and rewards.

Part 2

Happy Valentines ~Gale

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