Homemade Blankets for DIY Wednesday

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DIY Homemade Blankets

Homemade Blanket Fleece

These homemade blankets, with no sewing required, My mother-in-law was one crafty lady. She had that creative, artistic side that you are only born with (I certainly don’t have it). It’s really cool to see it in my older daughter. She’s all about art, and making things, and the innovation I see in a not-quite 5 year old is pretty cool. This was one thing that my mother-in-law did teach me to do before she passed, which I am thankful for. The craft will allow me to make one of these for our younger one. She did one of these for each of the grand kids one year for Christmas.

This is so easy and the directions are only 3 steps + NO sewing!

Homemade Blankets in Fleece
  • Two pieces fleece (patterned or not, but they will be the same length, available at Walmart, Michael’s, JoAnn Fabrics)
  • Fabric Scissors
  • Ruler or measuring tape
  • Align the pieces of fleece directly on top of each other. Make sure to trim any excess around the edges so they line up perfectly.
  • Using the ruler or tape, Make 3 inch cuts every 1 inch around all 4 sides of the fleece
  • Knot each cut section

That’s really it! These are GREAT inexpensive Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, or any other kind of gift. The nice thing is you can pick the fabrics to personalize it for someone you love with something they love – plus, who doesn’t love homemade?


Photo Credit: SewliciousHomeDecor

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