Redo Counter Tops the Inexpensive Way

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DIY Wednesday – Redo Counter Tops Inexpensively

Currently we live in a double-wide manufactured home. We are hoping to sell it in a few years and buy a house. It is over 10 years old so before we can consider doing that we have to do some much needed updating, such as redo counter tops throughout. We have done so much lately to make the house look nice and the counter tops were a horrid green color and were really clashing with what we have done in the kitchen.

redo counter tops


This same counter top is in the kitchen, 2 small areas by the bookshelves in the living room and in the bathrooms. Replacing the counter tops is NOT in the budget.

My cousin redid her counter tops a few months ago and told us about the Giani Granite product she used.  When she showed me the pictures and told me how easy it was I was sold!  The kits were only around $70 at Walmart.  You can find the kits on Amazon if your Walmart doesn’t carry them. The price solidified the fact that we were redoing the counter tops!


The kits come in the following colors..

  • Chocolate Brown (this is the one we used)
  • Sicilian Sand
  • Bombay Black
  • White Diamond
  • Sapphire Blue
  • Emerald Green
  • Roma Red

It really was super easy.  You can read more about the steps and see the photo galleries on the Giani Granite site here.  But here is a brief recap of the steps…

redo counter tops


  • wipe down counter tops thoroughly with Brillo or SOS pad.
  • Rinse off counter tops
  • Tape off edges
  • Apply primer – wait 8 hours
  • Sponge 3 colors provided- wait 4 hours
  • Apply 1st top coat- wait 4 hours
  • Apply 2nd top coat
  • 1 day you can begin using counter tops
  • 3 days you can put appliances back on

We did have to do with out the dishwasher for a day and have the counter tops cleared for a few days but it was so worth the cost savings!

We loved the outcome so much we decided to do the following in addition to the kitchen.  All the projects which took 2 kits and we still have some remaining….

The 2 counters on living room bookshelves. There are 2 areas like the one pictured.

Bathroom counter top

My Grandfather’s end tables. These are VERY old and had some water damage on the tops.
This finishing hides the damage beautifully.

I have to say I’m extremely pleased with the outcome!  I love them and love the cost savings.



  1. That is just BEAUTIFUL. I absolutely love it. Now, you have me intrigued & may do the same to my kitchen & bathroom, & maybe some tables, lol. Thank You & Great Job !

  2. Wow! That’s an amazing difference! So beautiful. We just bought a home, but before we did I wanted I wanted to redo my counters. I used the roll of stuff that has the sticky back. I was really careful about how I did it so it turned pretty nice. I wish I had known about this, because it is so much NICER than what I had. Thanks for sharing in case one day I want to change again 🙂

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