Salons – Do You Have To Pay Full Price?

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Scoring Salon Discounts

salons discounts

Some of us are very loyal to our salons and some of us are not. Even though the beauty industry has taken a hard hit in our current economy, some salons still let you know how much they appreciate you and offer you discounts.

Perks at Salons for Regular Clients
  • Do they have a mailing list? Many salons will send monthly service specials to their clients as well as product promotions via email.
  • Emails are also sent to let you know if they have an upcoming event such as customer appreciation day that usually includes discounts and freebies.
  • Is your favorite hair product on sale? Buy it when you see it or call the salon to put some aside for you if you were notified by email. Once the supply store runs out of specially priced products we cannot get more.
  • Ask your stylist what the gallon cost is on your favorite shampoo and conditioner. You may pay $20.00 for 32 oz and $30.00 for a gallon. Buy the gallon.
  • Ask if they have a salon frequent service punch card such as buy 9 haircuts get 1 free.
  • Ask if the manicurist offer specials to the hairdressers clientele and visa versa.
  • Do they offer a refer a friend discount? I offer $5.00 for every referred client.
  • Does your salon advertise sales and discounts with coupons? Be sure to ask if it’s for new clients only or if you can use it too.
  • Ask your salon if they have hair and nail bundle packages.

Finding Discounts at a New Salon
  • Look in your local mailers for specials and coupons.
  • Call around and get prices over the phone. Know what you want to ask before you call such as a haircut, style, color, highlights or partials. If you prefer partials, ask them how many are included in the price. It may include 4 or it may include 8 etc. Is a haircut included in the color price?
  • Ask your friends where they go, call them and ask about prices and if they offer new client discounts.

salons discounts

How to Have Good Experiences at Salons
  • If you are looking for a new hairstyle, ask if you appointment includes consultation time.
  • Bring a few photos of a hairstyle or color you are interested in. It’s a great starting point for the hairdresser when they can see your vision.
  • Be prepared to be told no on occasion. You may not have the right type of hair for the style you want, but your hairdresser should be able to offer alternatives that will work for you.
  • It’s OK to call ahead to see if the hairdresser or manicurist is running on time. Your time is valuable too.
  • Make sure all prices at the salon are all inclusive. Do you have to pay extra to have your nails polished?
  • If you bring children, please bring something for them to do and pay attention to them. There are many dangers in salons. Most salons do not provide daycare.
  • Be sure the salon has your phone number. If the provider has to leave for an emergency, they need to contact you to reschedule before you waste a trip.
  • If for any reason you cannot make it, or you want to change the service you booked, please call as soon as you can. Most providers should bend over backwards for you and should treat you as if you are their only client.
  • If you are unhappy for any reason at all, try to rectify the situation with the provider before you leave.

Never hesitate to ask for what you want at the salon. You might be surprised in what you find. ~Valerie

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  1. I have had the best haircuts at Marinello Beauty School. They even fixed a bad haircut I received from a hair salon on the day of my son’s baptism. The students that have cut my hair are the ones that are close to graduation, and they are supervised. So for a cut, wash, and style, I’ve have never paid more than $15, and you will be happy with your results 🙂

  2. Elaine Spink says

    I am so loyal to my hair stylist. She does an amazing job every time! They just moved into a brand new building the owner bought and it is gorgeous! My salon does offer different discounts on spa services, product and I have a VIP card which gives me 15% off any product. I love slain quality hair product, but in this economy I have had to cut down on buying it. There are still a couple of products I use. One is made by Surface and it is some type of oil. It’s amazing how it makes your hair look and feel. I use it before blowdrying it. The other products I buy are from Aguage. Their products are amazing and I’ve been using them for years. Going to the salon to get my hair colored, highlighted, cut and styled is the only thing I splurge on for myself. I don’t buy anything else anymore. I used to love materialistic things, but now I could care less about them. Our focus over the past five years has been to stay in our home, where we love to be. Five years ago, we had plenty of money. Things have changed drastically, but somehow we get by. I am married to most amazing man. We have Autumn and our three kitties and our home. That’s all we need. Our health, our animals health and happiness is what matters. Today I spent $155.00 on my hair, my brows being waxed and I always give a 30 percent tip. I feel really good going to get my hair done. It is such a nice day out for me. I don’t ask for much! 🙂

  3. Elaine Spink says

    Salon hair product, not slain LOL

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