Spouse Coupon With You?

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Does Your Spouse Coupon with You?

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Does my spouse coupon with me? Well, he does not ‘grocery coupon’ or go to the market with me and frankly I am OK with that. I have an efficient system that works very well for me and any deviation costs me time and in some cases money. His interest in groceries go as far as eating them. The biggest problem is that he likes to push the cart and that just messes me all up!

What my husband does do is support me. He shares my shopping adventures with his buddies and the ways I save money, including the overall effect it is having on our home. Every one of them reply with ‘I wish my wife would do that.’ Watching what I do and how I analyze other purchases for our home has had a very positive affect on him. He now does the same thing all on his own. My husband’s hobbies and interests are expensive and he used to spend money without putting much thought into it. My spouse coupon? No! But I’ve gotten him to trim his own fat!

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My Spouse Coupon Adventures Do Include the Following:
  • Golf¬†– A local course has a frequent golfing program. We pay $30.00 a month and he can golf for $14.00 as many times a month that he wants as opposed to $25.00 each time and he gets a free bucket of balls for the practice range, which saves us $10.00 a bucket. They also have a punch card so for every 10 (18) rounds he plays he gets an 18th round for free. He now looks for coupons and deals on the internet for other courses he likes to play or goes during off times during the day.
  • The other woman – He has built a hot rod from the ground up and the first 2 years just about put us in the poor house. Now he searches for the best price without compromising quality and he has done very well with that. He has also developed a great relationship with some of the vendors so in many cases, they don’t charge him full price or they add freebies to his orders.
  • Drums – He is in a band for fun. While I support his creative outlet, it can get very expensive when you spend a couple hundred dollars on sticks, heads and any thing else that needs replacement every 2-4 months. He orders online now and saves us at least 20-30% each time. He is getting better at using his band income to pay for it as well, which helps the budget. He keeps his band money for himself and that keeps him away from the ATM.
  • “Projectizing” – He pays attention to what he needs and when he’ll need it. This allows my spouse coupon prioritization and he plans for his purchases and save his band money to pay for those items when he can.

My husband has gotten into the habit of price shopping for everything from his interests to home repair to car maintenance and even clothes. Everything combined has had a very positive effect on finances. One person alone cannot get the finances under control and plan for a better future, it takes teamwork . I need his help if we are going to be successful and thankfully I have it! My spouse coupon habits are different, but effective.

How does your spouse and family help you save money?


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  1. My man is a road comic, and when he’s on the road, he gets newspapers for me from other areas. It’s very exciting to get my “souvenirs” when he comes home, because of the different varieties of coupons that are in them!

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