Don’t be a BRAND SNOB & Save Money

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Being a Brand Snob

brand snob

When you are a Couponer, you can’t be a “BRAND SNOB”.  Yes, you can get brand name items most of the time, but sometimes, when the deal is there, you need to set the “brand dedication” aside, and do the deal.  I didn’t have any other intention when I went to Target today, but to get these things. That’s it. I don’t normally buy the “store brand,” but for this price, how could I not?

I clipped.

I shopped.

I left.

Not bad for Five BUCKS!

My Non Brand Snob Trip

4 Market Pantry Pasta Sauce (Sale $1.00 each)
4 Market Pantry Pasta (Sale $1.00 each)
Use 4 $1 off Market Pantry Pasta and Sauce TARGET Coupon

4 Market Pantry Mac n’ Cheese ( $.69 each),
Use 4 $1/1 Market Pantry Mac & Cheese TARGET Coupons *(adjusted down)

3 Flintstones Vitamins 60ct ($5.99 each ~ Buy 3 get $5 Gift Card.)
Use 3 $2/1 Flintstones 60ct SS 1/1/12 Coupons
Use 3 $2/1 Flintstones 60ct TARGET Coupons

OOP $10.41.~ $5.00 back on a Target Gift Card.

And, my family will be enjoying the Target brand Spaghetti and Sauce tomorrow night and won’t know one bit of difference, but my budget will! The lesson? Don’t always be a brand snob and your budget will thank you for it.


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  1. jacci leslie says

    Our target will only allow 1 like coupon per transaction, so the vitamin deal wouldn’t work for me 🙁

  2. GREAT JOB !!!!! I always shop like this. What ever is cheaper is what I get.

  3. Some store brand items are actually as good as or better than the national brand. Now…if the store brand is not tasty…it doesn’t really matter how cheap it is to me….I won’t buy it if it doesn’t taste good. I’ve never tried the market pantry pasta or sauce…I may have to give it a whirl.

  4. for sure if its on sale great if i have a coupon better but if its on sale and i have coupons oh yeah baby

  5. Kleptos Mommie says

    For me it depends on the brand and the sale. For example I prefer Del Monte Canned Veggies, I remember in 2010 Holiday season I was able to get the canned veggies for .35 cents; in 2011 Holiday Season I was able to get it Del Monte Canned veggies for .49 cents and the difference is because i was not able to locate a coupon anywhere for them. Now there were veggies for Green Giant but not to many sales. Del Monte taste better than Green Giant, and knowing that my chances were that I would not see another sale like the one that i was shopping at, both my husband and I stood in line and went back to Target several times so I could stockpile enough to last me one full year until the 2012 holiday season. So i say that if the sale is right and even without a coupon such as my case if you plan right you can get your brand at a good prices,

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