Dropbox your Camera Roll

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Do you take a ton of pictures over the holidays with your iOS or Android device but tend to never take them off your device? This Christmas use DropBox’s Camera Upload utility that is built into its iOS and Android app to sync your precious images up to the cloud and then automatically download them to your Desktop/Laptop with the DropBox Desktop Application.

First, you need to create your DropBox account.

Then, you download and install the desktop application.

Next, you download and install the iOS or Android app from their store.

Once you have all that done all you have to do now is go into the settings of your DropBox Mobile App and ‘Turn On’ Camera Upload. After that DropBox handles everything else and will upload all of your Photos and Videos to the cloud in the background. Consider this as an alternative to having to sync your phone to pull any videos you take off.



  1. Wow! I have DropBox already for moving documents between computers but never knew it could do this! Thanks so much for the tip!

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