Rain Check Policies at the Drug Stores

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What’s the Deal with Rain Checks?

Rain Check

Remember that if your store is out of the item you are looking for, you can always get a rain check! Rain checks are something that I didn’t really know or think about when I first started couponing. Now I don’t feel the pressure to make sure I get the items before the weekly sale is over. Often when the craze dies down and stock is replenished I can go back with my rain checks and get plenty of what I need. You might consider keeping the ad for that week with your rain check just in case. Remember that rain checks cannot be issued on clearance items and you must use them at the store where you are shopping. Usually you can go to another location of the store, but you can’t take a Walgreens rain check to Rite Aid, for example. Make sure your coupons will not be expired because although they will take the rain check later, they won’t take expired coupons with it. Some stores’ rain checks have expiration dates and item limits so make sure to pay attention to what is written on your rain check.

Know Your Rain Check Policies

Walgreens – will give rain checks but NO register rewards included. You will be able to get the sales price at a later date but it won’t print the register rewards (RRs are driven by the manufacturer not the store). Rain checks expire 30 days from when they are written.

Rite Aid – will offer a substitution for the item that is out of stock but if that is not possible or agreeable to the customer they are now able to give rain checks for the sales price minus the UpReward. So if your item cost $5 and had a $1 UpReward, you’d get a rain check for that item at $4. (This is a new policy that has just been handed down to stores in the last week or so. Each store may still be different so check with your store manager.) Rain checks usually expire 30 days from when they are written.

CVS – Rain checks are issued with ExtraCareBucks. Make sure you remind them to write the offer number from the ad on the rain check because some cashiers do tend to forget and you’ll need it to force print the ECBs later. CVS rain checks never expire.


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