Earn FREE Money For Filling Prescriptions At CVS

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Earn FREE Money For Filling Prescriptions At CVS

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If you have prescriptions that you fill each month, you know they can get expensive. Even if you fill prescriptions for a sickness or an injury, those can add up throughout the year. What if you could earn FREE money just for filling those prescriptions? You can!! You can earn FREE money just by filling your prescriptions at CVS.

Just go HERE to sign up and connect your CVS card to earn your points to earn your $5 ECBs! You can earn in different ways other than just filling prescriptions, you can also earn points towards for FREE $5 ECBs by getting a flu shot, or signing up for prescription management on your CVS card and account. Once you read 10 credits, you will get a $5 ECB on your next receipt at the store. You can earn 1 credit for each prescription that is filled, or earn 3 credits when you fill a 3 month prescription. See all the different ways to earn by going HERE! 

While you are there, you can also sign up for Prescription Management. I have this on my card for the prescriptions my husband gets each month, and it is a lifesaver! I can’t tell you how much time and effort it saves, and I absolutely LOVE this service CVS offers!

To sign up for CVS Prescription Management, just go HERE, and click on the tab that says “connect your prescriptions” to get started.

You can choose to get refill reminders in either an email or a text message. Plus, you will get texts or emails when refills are ready. You can also choose for auto refill (what I have) and your prescriptions are always filled when they are due. My husband gets 3 prescriptions each month. Every month, I get a text message saying that they are filled and ready to be picked up. No fuss, no trying to remember each month. CVS does all the work for me. You can also view the list of current prescriptions you have now, plus, you will see how many refills you have left. YOU are in charge of your prescriptions and medications. Give it a try, I am sure you will love this service as much as I do, and who can’t argue with FREE money if you have to get prescriptions filled anyway!

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