Easter Eggs For Gardening

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Easter Eggs in Gardening

Easter eggs

March 31st is Easter and it seems like Valentines Day was just yesterday. If you plan to do the Easter eggs for the gardening project tabletop decoration I do every year that is illustrated above, you need to be ahead of the game as Easter is in March this year, not April. You need time for your seeds to germinate. I have a lot of odds and ends when it comes to decorating so I’m constantly switching things up a bit. With this project, however, I’m partial to it for many reasons. The first being I germinate my seeds in eggshells early on so I have a head start for planting in the ground when it’s time. The second being that I like this specific project and love the way it seems to inspire others around me, especially kids.

Protection from the Elements

Wreath on table This time of year its hard to predict what the weather will do. One day it’s 73 degrees and the next day we have freezing ice cold winds and need to cover our plants to protect them. So the solution for me was having a large glass terrarium to cover baby plants that I keep on my garden bench built from wood pallets. If you don’t have a glass terrarium, a cloche or even the lid from a cake plate would serve the same purpose, depending on the plant size. If you live in a much colder climate zone, you could put the eggs in a garden Hydro-farm germination station with heat mat in a window sill that gets the most sun.

To start this project all you need is eggs that have only the top cracked off, egg dumped in bowl for breakfast.

Directions for your Easter Eggs Project
  • Gently rinse the shell out and dry carefully.
  • Place already moist soil in the egg, gently packing to avoid breaking the egg.
  • Poke two holes (tooth picks work) and insert two seeds of your choice per egg. The reason for two seeds is sometimes one won’t germinate. If two plants do surface, carefully remove the weaker of the two.
  • Place the egg in an egg carton to keep them from rolling around until ready for decorating. You can use these eggs as decorations on your table on Easter day, or decorate with them outside on your table if the weather permits it. Please do not put the egg carton back in the refrigerator, you want them to stay warm now.
  • Protect from weather as discussed above.

Once the weather becomes perfect for working in the garden and planting in your yard, make sure you crack the bottom of the Easter eggs well enough for the roots to get through the egg shells’ membranes. Enjoy the fruits of your labor as you watch them grow and harvest time arrives. Have a wonderful Easter!

Happy gardening~ Gail

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