Easy Coupon Organization Ideas

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Easy Coupon Organization

Do you have an easy coupon organization method? I’d love to hear about it, but in the meantime, here’s mine. How to break down your inserts and clip “most used” coupons in less than 45 minutes a week. Make sure you have a big area to work on. If you have little kids, I highly recommend they are taking a nap. I’ve had a child mess up all of my piles of inserts and it was no fun putting them back together.

easy Coupon Organization Break down the Inserts:

The first thing I do is break down the inserts. Sometimes you can open them up and separate down the middle, other times you may need to go through the whole insert page by page. Once I have one insert done, I make a pile for each individual insert. In my case, since I get a 10-pack from Insert Insanity, I will have 10 piles.

Easy Coupon Organization by Stapling:

Grab the top page of each pile and staple at the 4 corners so that the pages are aligned and don’t slide around when it’s time to file them. Continue doing that with each page until you have finish. (I have a recycle box on the floor to drop any pages that are all ads). I then put the pages back together in the format they arrived in. Ending up with 1 insert, 10 pages thick.



Then I just label a file folder with Smart Source, Red Plum or whatever source the inserts are. Then I flip through the insert and cut out any coupons we will most-likely use. Since they are stapled in sets of 10, one cut means all 10 are cut.

Then I simply add my cut coupons to my coupon organizer and I am done for the week and ready to go! My easy coupon organization method!

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  1. I started doing this after I tried a binder method first with individual categories in baseball card sheet protectors. I like this much better! Thanks!

  2. this is confusing me a little…is there anyway you can explain some more/?? sorry, guess im a little thick with this one….

  3. This is a great idea for a beginner like my self.

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