Easy Vintage Zipper Flowers

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Easy Vintage Zipper Flowers

vintage zipper flowers

Do you know how to make these easy vintage zipper flowers? I was off digging at my favorite little resale shop here in Rochester when I pulled out a drawer that was labeled “zippers” and found an awesome treasure. Metal Tooth Zippers are are pretty hard to find already taken out of the garment, but today was my lucky day! Who knows how many, but they were in every color and length. So I scooped them up and paid about $2.00 for the entire bundle! I headed home and dug through my sewing supplies to get a few things to create some adorable zipper flowers!

Here is how you can make these frugal creations too.  Keep your eyes peeled for these zippers. You can find them at resale shops (usually stuffed all together in one bag) Goodwill, or other thrift shops. You can also clip them out of an old garment such as a jacket or coveralls.

How to Make Vintage Zipper Flowers

Supplies Needed

  • metal toothed zippers (the size of the flower depends on the length of the zipper),
  • felt
  • needle
  • embroidery floss or thread
  • scissors
  • Vintage buttons (optional for center of flower)


Vintage Zipper Flowers Directions
  1. Cut out a small circle of felt (about the size of a silver dollar).
  2. Unzip the zipper and cut off the plastic or metal end. Slide off the zipper tab. Use one side of zipper.
  3. Anchor the zipper with your needle and floss to the felt circle so that it is secure.
  4. Play around with the zipper to see how many petals you can make. Make little loops with the zipper teeth on the top of the petal. Take the zipper and fold it around on itself, and then, anchor it with one or two stitches. Do this several times until you have several petals.
  5. Once you have the last petal, do two or three stitches to finish off.
  6. Start rolling the remaining length of the zipper (3″ or so) and every now and then, tack it with a stitch. Nestle the coil down into the center of the flower and tack with a few stitches. You can also use a vintage button in the center of the flower.
  7. When you make sure that the flower is secure, you can gather up the felt on the back and trim, as your stitches will be in one concentrated area.

There are so many things you can do with these cute flowers. Use them as broaches, on headbands, bracelets, etc. Theses are a fantastic frugal creation, and really have an old time whimsy about them.

You can click here to watch a wonderful tutorial on how to make these vintage zipper flowers if that is easier for you to follow. (I get that. It’s how I learned.)

vintage zipper flowers

In playing with the zippers a bit more, I created a few other designs. The possibilities are endless. What can you do with an old zipper?


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