eBay Business as a Way to Make Some Coin

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My New eBay Business

eBay Business

As I mentioned in my post on my New Year changes to the blog (you can read it here if you missed it), I’m turning this into more of a Frugal Living blog rather than just a couponing one. Couponing is just one way to save money so why stop just at that? Part of being frugal is keeping as much of your money as possible. Before you can keep it though, you have to earn it, right? So this post is about my new eBay business and why I started it.

I Love Being Self-Employed

I’ve been working from home as a self-employed, independent contractor, for about the last 15 years now, doing a variety of things. I’m a virtual assistant (VA), paralegal, insurance adjuster & coupon blogger. Because that wasn’t enough, I started a little eBay business as well! I love being a VA. The tasks can vary greatly. I enjoy my paralegal assignments when I get them too and when there’s a hurricane or other major, widespread storm, insurance adjuster it is! I do all of the above as jobs come up so to say it’s steady work would be a lie. My friends on the other hand have a fun alternative way of making the extra cash through online betting. You’ll understand why it’s a good choice when you take a look at the homepage of several online casinos and see the benefits. I haven’t considered it yet, because right now I have some other backup plans. This blog is one, my new eBay venture is now another.

Another great idea could be buying and selling sports collectibles. Everything from figurines and memorabilia to cards of specific players can go for a good sum if you know what you are doing. But if you don’t, then you could easily end up with a box full of useless purchases. The trick would be to learn about the collectibles you are likely to purchase, which would have more value than the other. If you have fixed on say, sports cards, then dynasty breaks review, and the likes can be a good place to start learning about this potential business opportunity. However, depending on the type of business idea you want to invest in, the time you take to research the same would vary.

I’m fortunate because my husband is a full-time employee of a company so his paychecks are steady. They come in every other week like clockwork. His job is what pays the bills, puts gas in the vehicles, food on the table, covers our insurance needs, 401K, etc. My income is what pays for the extras. The vacations, the holiday presents, the pets’ needs, extra money in the savings account; you get the idea.

I’m also BIG into organization and time management. With all my odd jobs, I definitely need these skills! This is another way my eBay business comes in handy. It’s been giving me a chance to weed through all the items we’ve accumulated over the years. If we don’t use it, and it’s good enough to bring in some cash, I’ve been selling it and organizing the house at the same time. The less you have, the easier it is to organize everything.

My eBay Business Goal

My goal as far as eBay goes is to sell $500 worth of items around the house and then to use that cash to order some brand new & interesting product in bulk, to sell along with used items. I read this in a book (can’t remember which one, I read so many) and found the idea intriguing. I read another book (this one I remember) called 101 Items to Sell on eBay and in it, it gives you ideas of things that sell well that you can obtain from garage and/or estate sales. Those ideas are for down the pike, but in the meantime, I’m getting rid of “crap” around the house and making a buck at the same time.

eBay Business Light BulbIf you’re interested in this eBay business idea, let me know in the comments. If there’s a lot of interest, I’ll start doing some posts on just my business. Things I’ve learned to do and not to do, pointers I’ve picked up and ideas to generate even more income. I’ve read some stories of people making a pretty good living doing just this. Who knows, maybe we’ll be successful in a few years’ time and I might even need the help of tax services Santa Monica or elsewhere. It never hurts to dream big! My Father even asked if I’d be interested in selling some of their stuff to earn a commission and of course, my husband is throwing some things in as well. We’ll see how it goes, but in the meantime, I’ll post some of the things I’m selling, here on the blog. I’ll be housing them all on the Frugal eBay tab I’ll be creating at the top of the site. Let me know what you think!

What ways have you discovered to make some extra money. I’m always interested in more ideas. I guess I just can’t get enough work, lol!



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