Decorating On A Budget for an Elegant Fall

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Decorating on a Budget

decorating on a budget

Decorating on a budget is totally attainable! You can create anything with a little imagination and an open mind to what’s around you. Decorating can be very daunting but in all honestly it’s really not that hard and you don’t need to spend a lot of money to make something beautiful. I’ll admit it, I’m a messy designer. I always have been. I get an idea and it changes from the time I shop all the way to the finished product. More often than not I’ll put something together and tear it apart a few times before I’m happy and in the mean time I have stuff all over the place.

What I do may not work for everyone but this is how it usually starts for me. I put everything on the table I think I want to use. I start with the foundation (runners) then move onto the centerpiece and work my way out. The last thing I add are the candles. By the time I’m done half the items have been put back where I got them, some items put back in a bag to be returned to the store if I bought anything for the project because I didn’t need them and the rest made the cut with other items I didn’t think to use to begin with like the glass cake plate under the large pumpkin.

Simple basics of decorating
  • Less is usually more.
  • Elevate items to different heights.
  • Use items in odd numbers, 3, 5, 7 etc.
  • Use mirrors, beads, candles, glass and crystal together to create elegance.
  • Layer, I used a cloth runner, a mirrored runner and a sparkly place mat in the center as my foundation.
  • If using the table for dinner be sure higher decorations can be easily removed so you can see your guests during the meal.
  • Always use unscented, sustainable candles when entertaining. It’s ok to have a scented candle burning somewhere other than the dining table. I recommend a food scented candle so it doesn’t clash with the aromas coming from the kitchen. Some of your guests may have allergies and strong scents can make them physically uncomfortable.
  • Test your decor at night with the candles lit. Make any needed adjustments to your table scape.
  • When entertaining, set your table 1-2 days before the event. You’ll have enough to do before your guests arrive.

Decorating Details Matter
  • I added a single piece of the same garland to the light fixture that I used on the table.
  • Look around, If using candles in other locations in the same room, such as the sconces on the wall, be sure they match the color scape.
  • Decorate with colors that compliment your everyday decor.
  • Decorate with size in mind. My table is 10 feet long without the extenders so I have quite a bit of space to cover.

About half of the pieces in this particular arrangement are real crystal. The rest of the candle holders and elevators (also candle holders) are made of glass I’ve purchased over the years at Walmart and dollar stores ranging from $.50 – $3.00 each. I purchased the beveled mirror table runner at Walmart years ago for less than $15.00, they still carry them and you can buy the smaller beveled mirrors at Michaels, Walmart and dollar stores. Once the candles are lit the entire table will sparkle.

My original plan was to paint the white pumpkins but I chose to wrap one in 1 yard of bronze tulle I bought at Walmart for $1.29, hot glued some leaves on it and the other I wrapped in wide ribbon from Michaels, again I glued leaves on it. I bought 18 feet for $5.00. Some of the pumpkins I purchased at Michaels at 50% off and a few I found at Walmart. By doing this instead of painting I added texture to the design and it was faster.

All said and done I spent about $20.00 total, which is approximately the cost of or less than one decent fresh flower arrangement but this will last me through October and November and I can use every piece for years to come. See? Decorating on a budget is feasible!

Happy Decorating~ Valerie


  1. You did a WONDERFUL job. I love how the colors flow w/each other & can last for 2-3 months for the season & even better that you can recycle them into more years to come. Great Job !!!!! That is absolutely gorgeous !! 🙂

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