Emergency Fund Saved The Day For One Wiz Kid

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Emergency Fund Saved The Day For One Wiz Kid

Emergency FundEmergency funds are one of the most important things you can have in your household. Even when paying down debt, you want to have a baby emergency fund with at least $1000 in it for those unexpected expenses.

Wiz Kid Catherine Johnson had one of those experiences recently and luckily had her emergency fund there to save the day. She was kind enough to share her story with us and how she was able to get through the horrible event that happened to them.

This is a post about how wonderful it is to have some type of emergency funds and/or savings account at all times!!!

My family(Myself, My husband, 5 year old daughter, 11 month old son, almost 2 year old Basset Hound ‘Bruiser’ and 9 year old cat) love to be outdoors. This past weekend we had beautiful weather(no rain and warm) for the first time this year. We decided that we would pack up and go camping. The cat doesn’t like to go with us(hates car rides), but Bruiser loves to go places!!! I wanted to take the walker for the baby to sit in and by the time we got everything in the car, Bruiser had to ride in my lap. We left out early Saturday morning with another family and drove about an hour into the woods to a creek and set up camp. On Sunday, the other family left out pretty early and we decided to stay behind and slowly pack up our camp and had plans to wade in the creek for a bit and just ‘play’ outside. We had about 3/4 of our camp packed into the car when a little white, older sedan with a cute little girl drove by. I didn’t notice the 2 adults, just how cute the girl in the back was as she waved back at me. They were going a little fast on the dirt road, but I had both of my children with me, so I didn’t think anything about it. Right at that time, I realized that Bruiser wasn’t by my side and I didn’t see him with my husband. I yelled out “Bruiser”.

Right as I yelled, we hear a loud ‘thump’ and Bruiser started howling. The car ran him over. They stomped on their gas and was gone in an instant. They didn’t offer to help or anything. My husband and I started screaming and he goes into overdrive, grabbing our first aid kit and getting sterile pads out so I can hold together the gash on his back that is as big as my entire hand. I sit on the ground with Bruiser as my husband grabs everything he can and shoves it in the car. Our daughter buckled our baby into his car seat as my husband came around and lifted Bruiser into my lap in the car. We rushed him to the Animal ER(should have taken us over an hour to get there, and we did it in 30 minutes). He was starting to lose consciousness as we drove. I thought I could feel him slipping away as I held his back together so he didn’t bleed out. We kept yelling at him to make him respond and keep him awake. My husband called the ER and let them know we were on our way(this was on a Sunday and all vets are closed, so had to take him to the ER).

Now here is the ‘money’ part of this story. When you take an animal to the animal ER, you have to pay 75% up front and the rest when you take your animal home. The doctor looked at my ‘furr-baby’ and said he was REALLY lucky. At first sight, he had been banged up pretty bad, but as long as his lungs weren’t filling up with fluid, he was going to be ok. At this point, if we want him to stay the night and get stitched up and treated, we have to pay 75% of $1151 and the rest when we picked him up in the morning. Then, we would have to take him to his normal vet and pay them for the follow-up care. We stay prepared for emergencies, so there was no question what we were going to do. Right now we are over $1300 in, and he still have AT LEAST 5 vet visits in the next 8 weeks.

Bruiser stayed the night at the ER, we picked him up on Monday morning, took him to his doctor Monday afternoon, Tuesday afternoon and will take him again on Friday. Then we will have multiple other visits, to check his healing, take stitches out and remove his cast. He ended up with 20 stitches and a cast on his right front leg. He is the toughest dog I have ever seen!

Catherine, we are all very happy to hear that Bruiser is going to be OK! Sounds like he is a tough guy! Luckily, you had the emergency fund to cover the incident and get him heeled!

When I thanked Catherine for sharing her story, she responded with “If it can inspire just one person, then time well spent!” I hope you all are able to get that fund started and always be prepared for, well basically…..LIFE!


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