Emergency Funds Are A Must Have! My Daughter Was Grateful For Ours!

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Do You Have Emergency Funds?

What could have been a major financial hit, ended up being no big thing for me this week. Why? Because we believe in emergency funds! My 15 year old broke her front tooth about 5 years ago. At the time, we had a state funded insurance on the kids that covered the entire cost of the repair. Many dentists today, like this Edina dentist, will accept patients on all insurance plans but, still, dental work is expensive. The incident 5 years ago was also long before I learned the art of couponing, debt snowballing, and emergency funds.

Fast forward to this past Sunday. While sitting in Best Buy, my daughter was goofing around and somehow managed to bop herself in the mouth. She looked at me with a very shocked expression and then opened her mouth just a crack. She had managed to knock the cap off of her front tooth. She slowly began to panic, realizing she had school the next day and thinking her friends would see her with part of her tooth missing. Trying to calm a 15 year old down is no easy task some days! I told her I would call the dentist in the morning and get it taken care of. emergency funds

Our Emergency Funds at the Dentist

Monday morning, I called the dentist and found out they would not be able to see her until Thursday. Since she wasn’t in any pain, they didn’t consider it an emergency. Ah, something that you think you might need emergency dental care for, and it ends up being brushed off as not an emergency! I guess a ‘dental emergency’ is when you have broken teeth and a bleeding mouth, some tooth infection, or unbearable tooth pain because of some reason or the other. Thankfully, I made a few calls to family members to get some referrals to different dentists and found one that could take her right away. The downfall? My kids have a state insurance that I pay for because my husband had been out of work for a while. The dentist informed me that it wouldn’t cover the repair unless I saw the original dentist that had fixed it. That dentist was 3 hours away and had retired. To get the insurance to cover the repair, I would have to file a bunch of paper work and wait for a ruling. No way! There was no way a 15 year old girl was going to be willing to wait to get her front tooth fixed.

I asked the dentist how much the repair would cost without insurance. She said it could run between $200-$250 to start. I could hear David’s voice in my head telling me to negotiate. I asked her if I paid cash at the time of the appointment, would they be willing to come down on the price. I was told they would do the repair for $150! Score! I grabbed the check book and we headed out the door.

When we got there, they asked if my daughter was due for a cleaning. She wasn’t due for another month, but they said they would do it in addition to the repair at no extra cost. The dentist explained that they would have to clean the teeth around the broken one, so they might as well do them all while she was there.

Avoid Setbacks with Planning

If I had not heeded the words David spoken in previous posts, this could have been a major setback for us. Having emergency funds and knowing that the money is there for times like this, helps me to breath a little easier and sleep a lot better at night. 5 Years ago, had the insurance not covered the repair, I don’t know what I would have done. And it’s only encouraged me further to make sure that we have sufficient insurance coverage.

It takes a personal event as big as that to come to the realization about just how important insurance can be. It could be the difference between receiving high-quality medical care or not, and when you think about it this way, it really puts things into perspective. So, when I get a spare moment, I’m going to make it my priority to look over the insurance policies that I have, and those that I don’t, so I can find the best policy for me and my family. I’ve actually heard from a couple of friends that something like this may be useful when it comes to starting the process of applying for life insurance and so forth. Devastating events can happen in the blink of an eye, and I would hate to leave my family without any financial help should anything happen to me. And after seeing how important insurance had been to us five years ago, this is definitely something I’m going to have to look into.

I would hate to think how I would’ve found the money if we didn’t have an emergency fund. I probably would have had to borrow money from someone, putting myself in further debt that I already was. Thanks to having an emergency fund in place, my daughter only missed one day of school and didn’t have to worry about facing her friends with a busted tooth.


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