Farmers Markets Versus Grocery Store Fruits And Vegetables

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Farmers Markets Versus Grocery Store Fruits And Vegetables

Farmers MarketsWe are always looking for the hottest coupons and the best sales to go with them. Smart shopping doesn’t always have to have coupons involved! In fact, one if the biggest things I hear in the world of couponing is there are never any coupons for fresh fruits and vegetables. Several shoppers use overage (if your store allows it) to purchase fresh produce and meat, but there are many stores where overage is not allowed.

Think about your fresh produce. Where do you buy yours at? Did you know you can buy some of the freshest produce at farmers markets, and it usually cost less then at the grocery store! You don’t even need a coupon! Not only are you helping yourself and your family, but you are making a huge impact on your local economy.

It’s getting that time of ¬†year again when farmers markets are in full force! My favorite thing to do early on a Saturday morning is head to a local farmers market. I grab a couple of wicker baskets to bring all my goodies home, and I am off! I love to talk to the people, enjoy the crafts that some markets have, and even have a bite to eat from the local vendors cooking some amazing food!

There are so many advantages to buying local from a farmers market, rather than going to the grocery store for fruits and vegetables.

The one thing I like to think about is where did my produce come from? Was it trucked across the country to get to me? Really, how fresh is it? I love knowing that I can go to one of the farmers markets and be certain that the produce I am buying is fresh, and I am buying local!

We can’t have farmers markets all year long, and there are times when we have no choice but to buy from the grocery stores. When fresh and local is available, I do as much produce shopping as I can at a farmers market. Not only do I find much prettier produce,but it even taste better!

One big advantage is helping out local farmers! When you buy at a local farmers market, YOU are pumping money back into your local economy! YOU are helping your local farmers to keep growing those delicious fruits and veggies!

It is really pretty easy to find any local markets in your area.

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  • Do a Google search in your city
  • Check your local news website. Many times, they will have links to local markets and events.
  • Check with your city’s Chamber of Commerce.
  • Take a look at your city’s, or any surrounding town’s websites. They will provide links and information when Markets are open.
  • Check Facebook! Type your city’s name followed by “farmers market” in the search bar. (That’s how I found 2 in my area)


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