Favorite Cashier – Do You Have One?

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Find a Favorite Cashier

My Favorite Cashier - The Importance

We say time and time again to be nice to your store managers, and most especially, your cashiers and I have a perfect example for you. If you’ve been couponing for any length of time, you probably have your favorite cashier and more than likely you “Cashier Profiled” to find them. If you’re new to the couponing game, that just means that you get to know the types of cashiers that will give you problems with your coupons and the types that won’t. We all know the type so I’m not going to offend any of you that are cashiers and if you don’t know what to look for, you soon will.

At my favorite store, Publix of course, I have a couple cashiers I like and I’ve gotten to know their schedules so I try to go in when they’re working. There is one favorite cashier of mine, especially, that I’ve gotten to know and really like. We chit chat with each other all the time. In fact I gave her a bunch of my $5/$30 Winn Dixie coupons this year since I had too many expiring in a month. This week my friendliness paid off!

How Having a Favorite Cashier Paid Off

My Favorite Cashier - PicAs I’m sure you know, there’s a Bayer coupon right now that is creating overage. I used my overage at Publix for the DiGiorno Pizza that is also on sale for $3.99 each. I should have paid about $1.83 for 3 pizzas & 9 Bayer Aspirin, but because my favorite cashier was on, and I went through her checkout, she said to me “I’m going to put in $6.99 (the Up To limit on the coupon) for your B2G1 DiGiorno coupon. I know it’s actually $3.99.” I said, “I appreciate that, but that will create overage for me & I’m more than happy to pay my $1.83.” She shrugged her shoulders and said that’s OK and proceeded to hand me a $1.18 Publix gift card. That made all of that $0 out of pocket + $1.18 back to boot. Wow!

I’m sure if something like that comes up again, she would do that again. Even if she doesn’t, that’s OK. I love the fact that she likes & trusts me and I know I will never, ever have a problem with her. That’s what being nice to your favorite cashier will get you. A mutual respect and trust between the two of you and an enjoyable shopping experience!

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