Jobs for Military Spouses

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Jobs for Military Spouses

Jobs for Military SpousesThe job market can be particularly difficult to navigate at the best of times. And even if you have secured an interview with a business, you may still be required to undergo different processes before you can even be considered for employment. For example, you may be asked to get a drug test, from somewhere like this drug testing in Oklahoma City company, to ensure that you are the perfect candidate for the job. Whilst this can be a long and tedious process, the same can also be said for military spouses who are also looking for a job in the tough economy that we are in. As military spouses, our resumes can look pretty great, if we have invested the time and tuition assistance programs to further our education. A great tip to those military spouses wanting to improve the appearance and content of their resume might be to look into a service provided by the likes of or other companies that can create and finish a professionally written and formatted resume to better your chances of finding a job. The thing is, some spouses, like me, married right out of high school, had a baby 10 months after getting married, had another baby 25 months after that. Got a dog, rented a house. Had another baby, bought a house and just got another dog. BAM! Twelve years later, and I am still sitting on only one semester of post-secondary education.

Today’s focus is on a section of the Navy’s MWR site. (Take me to Navy MWR) It is called, Commander Navy Installations Command (CNIC) Non-Appropriated Fund (NAF) career website. To get there you simply click the Career link from the MWR page or you can take the link here for easier access. (Take me to the CNIC/NAF website) This website itself, like a lot of military websites, is very basic. The jobs listed on here are all jobs that are on base. The military spouse is given preferential over a non- military member. This makes life so much easier on us. With our life demands and the unique challenges we face as a military spouse, we need to be in a work environment that understands the military life in every facet.

On Base Jobs for Military Spouses

Jobs on base, in my own personal experience, are pretty flexible. They also offer something that other small employers may not, transfer ability. The military family is always on the move. Quite literally! The people in CNIC/NAF human resources understand that. This is why they make it pretty simple for you to transfer your job at any of their facilities around the globe. Say you are working at the exchange in Japan, your spouse gets orders to San Diego. You can put your transfer in and be relocated to any one of the many exchanges in the San Diego area. (All commuting distances of 20 minutes from the main base.)

So whether you are looking for something seasonal, part- time or a full time position. Do yourself a favor and look and see what your local base has to offer as far as jobs for military spouses. You may be pleasantly surprised to find that it isn’t all just exchange jobs and maid services. Happy job hunting!


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