Freezer Friendly Liquids Made Into Cubes

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Put Those Ice Cube Trays To Good Use With Freezer Friendly Liquids!

Freezer friendly liquids are pretty common in any pantry or refrigerator. Everything from chicken broth, tomato sauce, tomato paste, iced coffee, OJ, wine, and so much more!

We all coupon to find the savings, well don’t let those savings go to waste when you open something and don’t use it all. Here is a very easy and effective way to freeze for future use and NO waste!

How many times have you opened up new cans of tomato sauce or paste and only used a small amount? You could put it in the fridge with a lid on it, but the most effective way to save is to put in ice cube trays! Pop in the freezer for a few hours, then pop them out, put in a labeled Ziploc bag and store in the freezer. The next time you need it, just grab a cube or 2 and not have to open another can!

Freezer friendly liquids

Chicken broth is a very freezer friendly liquid also. Any left in the can?Pour it into the ice cubes trays and freeze for a few hours, pop out, put into a labeled Ziploc bag for future use!

Freezer friendly liquids

How many of you love your iced coffee? Here is a freezer friendly way to add “ice cubes” and not water it down. Pour some of your iced coffee into ice cube trays and when you want a glass of your iced coffee, just add a few of your “coffee cubes.” Never have your coffee watered down again.

Freezer friendly liquids

These are just a few of my favorites to freeze! The possibilities are endless though. Use ice cube trays for everything from wine to orange juice cubes for your morning glass of OJ! What freezer friendly liquids do you like to freeze?

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