Fall Bulb Planting in Today’s Garden Spot

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Fall Bulb Planting

fall bulb planting

Now that fall is here, I think a lot about planting and garden maintenance. Wait a minute, when don’t I think about that? What is one of the classic gardening activities in the fall after clearing out the leaves? Fall bulb planting. There’s no better season for planting bulbs to provide years of enjoyment for very little time and money. Here are a few bulb planting tips to ensure the best results for next season.

What to plant

Among the most popular of the winter-flowering bulbs are the narcissus, daffodil, crocus, hyacinth, and, of course, the tulip. Gardeners in all climate zones choose any and all of these cold weather bloomers to add a colorful, three-dimensional burst to the otherwise drab, dreary landscape of mid to late winter

How do I choose for fall bulb planting?

Look for bulbs that are firm and keep them in a cool, dark location until you put them in the ground. Don’t worry if the papery skin is broken or missing, it will not have an affect on the bulbs survival.  All bulbs should be planted with point side up. I personally like planting bulbs in drifts, masses or large pots for winters blooming surprise.  If you have a pathway in your garden plant your bulbs following the path, it encourages the eye to wonder and explore what’s around the bend..

fall bulb planting

Details are important

Choose a planting spot with good soil drainage to prevent bulbs from rotting in conditions that are to wet. Spring flowers love the sun and although you can put bulbs under deciduous trees getting filtered sun, they will still bloom, they just don’t do as well as those getting full sun. Some people like to scatter crocus on a lawn and plant them where they fall, knowing they will bloom before the grass needs cutting. This is a beautiful visual.

After the plants have flowered, wait until the leaves are completely brown and dried before cutting down (you can fold them over and put a small stone on them to hide under a bush); by waiting for the bulb to completely dry out, the bulb continues to gain the necessary nutrition and energy for flowering again the following season. Fall bulb planting is the ideal time to dig up old ones and separate (every few years), as they will increase in number, and should be immediately be replanted or kept in a dark, cool place for up to three weeks.

Take the time to breath in the beauty around you.

Happy Gardening~ ~Gale

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