How to Get Better Traction in the Snow

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How to Get Better Traction in the Snow

Better Traction

When it comes to winter, nothing is worse then having your vehicle stuck in snow. There are several things that you can do to prevent this. You may also have a problem with your vehicle slipping on the ice and snow that is on the ground. Follow the tips below to get better traction in the snow.


Things That You Can Do to Get Better Traction in the Snow:
  1. Add Sandbags– Clean out the trunk of your car and add some sandbags to it. The weight of the sandbags will give your better traction when the roads are filled with snow and ice.
  2. Change Your Tires- Just before the winter season arrives; make sure to change your vehicle tires to winter tires. These are made to handle the snow and ice.
  3. Alter Your Speed- When the roads are clear during the summer months, car drivers tend to go a little faster on the roads. Remember the weather conditions and adjust your driving speed accordingly. In other words, ease up on the pedal.
  4. Give Yourself Enough Space- Remember that the road conditions are different. Make sure that you do not tailgate. Leave at least four car lengths of space between your vehicle and the next one. This way if you have to stop suddenly, there is enough space to do so without having an accident.
  5. Use Concrete Blocks- If you do not have sandbags, place a couple of concrete blocks in your trunk. This will give your car more weight and help you to get more traction while out on the road.

Using the above-mentioned tips should help you to gain more traction while out on the road. Avoid driving your car in extreme icy conditions unless it is absolutely necessary.

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