Grill Ready For Summer? Here’s How to Get There

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Get Grill Ready for Summer

Grill Ready

Summer season is Grill season and nothing says summer like char lines on a steak! If you need to be grill ready for summer and have a gas grill, take a few tips on how to prepare and maintain your grill. Learn a few secret tips on how to get better results from your grill all Summer long too.

1.  Warm up your grill to clean the grill grates. Invest in a wire brush and a grill stone to clean off built up residue. If your grates need replacing, make sure to do that and to re-season them. Seasoning Grill grates helps meat to get a nice char without sticking. For grates that are simply dirty, but in good condition, remove grates and seal in a plastic bag with ammonia. Let sit overnight and then scrub and rinse well.


2.  Season clean grill grates with vegetable oil. When you have new grates, allow them to heat up before applying the oil. After each grilling session, clean then wipe down the grates to prevent rusting or food sticking. Even the porcelain ones.

3.   Under the grates, on your gas grill, you’ll find the flame tamer, which is a valve that controls the gas distribution. First disconnect the gas from your grill. You’ll want to remove any food debris or other deposits. If these areas are particularly clogged, you can run the small parts through your dishwasher. With kitchen soap and water, clean the inside of your grill of any grease. Remove the entire burner/tube assembly and clean with soapy water as well since they can be clogged over winter and become a fire hazard.

grill ready

4.  Lastly, when your grill is good and clean, take these tips to cook more succulent meats:

  • Make sure you only place meat on a hot grill to create a good sear and get caramelization to occur, which gives grilled meats flavor.
  • Invest in a digital thermometer and know when your meat is done. Nothing is drier than over grilled meat.
  • Finally, buy cedar planks or make a smoke pouch with wood chips to get that smoky flavor added to your meat, there really is no substitute for natural smokiness.


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