Get Paid To Test a Keurig – And FREE K-Cups!

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keurig special editionIf you haven’t signed up with Global Test Market, NOW is your chance.

It’s been reported that when you sign up you could possibly get a FREE opportunity to Test a Keurig – not only that, but they’re getting 288 FREE K-cups with it! Crazy!!

There are readers who have submitted emails that let bloggers know what they’re getting from survey companies – here’s an example:

“I was sent a Keurig single cup brewer with 3 coupons for 4 free boxes of K-cups each, for a total of 12 boxes of 24 K-cups. for a total of 288 free cups of coffee!”

You are going to want to head over RIGHT NOW. Here’s what you need to do:
1. Sign up for Global Test Market
2. Confirm your email (your account won’t be activated until it is)
3. Fill out your profile – make sure you give them the information so they can reach you!

I have made a decent amount of money doing surveys with them over the last couple of years. They also send requests for their members to do product reviews – of household items, kids toys, and so much more.

Sign up today!

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