Get The Viggle App And Get PAID For Watching TV

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Get The Viggle App And Get PAID For Watching TV

Viggle App

We all have our favorite TV shows that we can’t miss, and watch or DVR anytime they are on! How about getting paid to watch those favorite TV shows? I can tell you that I get paid when I watch my favorite shows! Who would pay you to watch TV? Viggle does! They pay you to watch TV!!

The Viggle App is probably one of my favorite apps I have on my phone right now. It is available on Android and iPhone along with Android and iPads!

Viggle is easy to use too! All you do is check in, and the points start rolling in to redeem for coupons, gift cards, and other great items!

How does it work?

Viggle AppOnce you have your TV turned on to your show, all you have to do is open up your app and click the “Check In” Button in the middle. The app then listens to your TV, finds the show you are watching, displays it, and you click OK to check in. When your show is over, you will receive a notification on the points you have earned!

Occasionally, during your show, you will have a pop up with a short video to watch. These are usually 15 – 30 second videos and will earn you extra points. Some shows even have trivia you can answer during that show that will earn you more points. Award shows, season premiers, season finales, etc. are the best shows for trivia.

My favorite time is during football season! Check into your favorite College or NFL game and play “My Guy”! You pick your players and play along with the game. Earn major points this way!

There is even a chat area where you can chat with others watching the same show or playing the same game as you are!

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What do I do with my points?Viggle App

Now that you have earned all your points, you can redeem them for some excellent coupons, gift cards, and many other items. Just a few of the gift card choices are CVS, Starbucks, Groupon, and Chilis. You can even save all your points for a Kindle Fire HD, BOSE Headphones, or a BOSE Speaker System! Get deals on dining, movies, automotive, shopping, and more!

I hope you have as much fun with the Viggle App as I do! Even my husband gets into in it! Especially during football season. He loves to play My Guy!


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