Shopping Trip – Getting Ready for One

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Getting Ready for a Shopping Trip

How I prepare for a shopping trip is probably very different from most. I am a paper and pencil kind of girl. Computer spreadsheets are great for some, confusing to me. This is how I get ready for my shopping trips.

shopping tripI first sit down and scroll through the store matchups and see if any of the Best of the Best are things that we need. After writing the deal down and where to find the coupon, I then go through the ad to see if any items that we need are on sale. I like to use a plain sheet of paper folded in half. I write my trip on the front and place my coupons inside. I also use this “envelope” to place rewards, rain checks, receipts, etc. so that I can easily transfer them to my Couponizer once I am home.

I have been couponing and building my stockpile for a little over a year, so I don’t always need to go take a shopping trip and get all of the deals. Most weeks, it is usually just CVS because it’s a couple of minutes away. It has to be a really good deal or money maker to get me to shop Walgreens or Target, which are in the next town.

I would love to hear how you get ready for a shopping trip.


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Happy Couponing Everyone!


  1. Christine Smatlak says

    Glad to see I am not the only one that doesn’t use a spreadsheet. They get me lost. I do it almost the same way. 🙂

  2. I do most of my shopping at CVS too. This seems to be the place with the best deals and customer service in my area.

  3. Im the same way. Spreedsheets just seem like to much work for me. I work best with paper and pen as well!

  4. courtney Buckles says

    I do it the same way, gotta have my list and envelope with my coupons im gonna use on that trip also a list of transactions if i have to do a couple

  5. I’m the same way. I also use my “used” paper this way with the printed side folded in. Anything I can reuse, I do.

  6. Michelle Brill says

    Mine is vry similar. I like to use the matchup lists that let you clck ont he items. print that out then I also write on that papwe anything else I need to get. Then I also make an envelope type system. But I do stick it in a real envelope in my purse. They tend to fall out otherwise. If I am really creative I will staple the coupons to the corresponding item also. When I go to the store I only bring my envelopes and my small accordian file. My accordian gets the left over coupons that I cut but didn’t use, internet printables, favorite items that I think I may get a deal, and just anything else that is loose.

  7. Vicki Oliver says

    spreadsheets are confusing for me as well. I make my list out on paper, then search for coupons and go from there. I have all my stores divided up into their own envelopes. Much easier for me this way. I do track my savings for each store in a spread sheet type thing though.

  8. I love using spreedsheets…I can just print and take with me..

  9. I am totally lost when it comes to spreadsheets. I am a pen and paper kind of girl.

  10. i do it pretty much the same way. i sit down with my laptop to go through the match ups and then i go through the sale fliers and my coupon binder to figure out what i else i need. i use a little plastic coupon accordian file folder with my stores names on the taps. then i put the coupons, rewards, etc. and lists under each stores tab. then i only need to take one little folder that fits in my purse.

  11. thanks for all those tips

  12. scrappingramma says

    Similar to me I havent found the best of best method for me still trying to get the spreadsheet but never seem to have time and a pen and paper can come with me to the Dr office. I do a lot of waiting while my boyfriend is in treatments.

  13. I am trying a little of both, still on the fence…I like seeing everyones ideas one day I will have some of all that fit me and my shopping methods.

  14. I am not a diehard spread sheet girl so I appreciate this method. The only thing I do different is use the “junk mail” envelopes for each store I plan to go to. I write my list outside of the envelope and then slide the coupons inside. Sometimes I take the entire binder into a store, but often I take just the envelope for a run in/run out trip. Works great if I am on my 30 minute lunch break going to Publix.

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