Ghoulish Halloween Treats

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Ghoulish Halloween Treats

These ghoulish Halloween treats are semi homemade, inexpensive, incredibly easy to make and guaranteed to please a crowd of any size or a child’s classroom. The kids will enjoy the spider rings as a bonus treat.

ghoulish Halloween treats

You can make the cupcakes yourself or buy chocolate cupcakes with chocolate icing like I chose to do. Once I got them home I gently removed the frosting, cut a small V shaped hole in the center and filled it with vanilla pudding mixed with red dye to simulate blood. I re-frosted the cupcakes with the reserved frosting then covered with chocolate cookie crumbs and added plain M&M’s for the eyes.


ghoulish treats

You can skip the pudding, but if you do choose to use it, keep cupcakes refrigerated until you are ready to serve. I purchased a Halloween sign at the dollar store to use as a platter and used votive and tea light candle holders to set the cupcakes on to create different heights.

ghoulish Halloween treats

I purchased a pre-popped bag of popcorn from the grocery deli for $1.89 along with a bag of candy corn for $1.85. I asked the deli if I could buy a few of the food service gloves they use and they just gave them to me. If you plan to make several, ask the manager if they will sell you a box of food service gloves. One 7 oz bag of pre-popped popcorn will yield 14 medium popcorn hands.

Add 1 candy corn to each finger then fill with popcorn, use a twist tie to seal, add ribbon and spider rings. I had plenty of candy so I mixed a few extra pieces in. You can display on a platter, piled in a bowl or use as an edible decoration by spreading out alone throughout the room or on food tables.

Who doesn’t like popcorn? Plain, cheddar, white cheddar, caramel corn, candy corn or kettle corn will work fine.


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