Granite Alternative-Achieving The Granite Look

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Granite Alternative Using Spray Paint

A granite alternative can be found everywhere using all sort of different materials. As we were doing the top of our vanity for our bathroom, we realized we had too much “white.” White vanity with a white sink and we needed a way to break it up some. We started doing some research looking for a granite alternative, since a custom cut slab of granite was just not in the budget.

granite alternative

After searching the internet and a trip to Lowe’s, we found a perfect way to achieve the look we were going for! A special spray paint…YES, I said spray paint as a granite alternative! We found a Rust-Oleum Multicolor Textured spray paint. It comes in several different colors, we picked out the color scheme we liked and a can of Deft Clear Wood Finish Gloss Lacquer. For under $30.00 we have the perfect thing to achieve the granite look!

It was a very simple process, but it did take some time to dry between coats of paint and lacquer. First, we applied the spray paint. We did  4-5 evenly sprayed light coats until we achieved the color we wanted. We let each coat dry for about an hour before the next coat.

We let the spray paint dry overnight, then started applying the lacquer the next morning. You need to either do this outside or open windows. It has a very strong odor! Since this counter top is where the sink is, we did 5 coats as recommended, to protect from any water. It is recommended to let each coat of lacquer dry at least 2 hours before applying the next coat. Always do light coats and watch for any streaks or runs. You can apply with a roller or with a brush. We chose to do with a roller.

Granite Alternative Finish Product

We are super excited with how it turned out. We love the color, texture and how close it actually looks to granite! Don’t let the cost scare you when looking to do a DIY project! With just a little research and shopping around, you can do it on a budget!


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