Ham And Beans Slow Cooking In The Crock Pot

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Ham And Beans Slow Cooking In The Crock Pot

Ever since I was a kid, one of my favorite meals that Dad or my Papa would make was ham and beans. Luckily, before my Papa passed away, he was able to teach me how to make them his way! This is still one of my favorite meals to have. I have developed my own way of cooking them now, but basically I follow the way he taught me.

You can soak your beans overnight in room temperature water, or you can just start cooking in the morning. I cook them on low in the crock pot, so it takes a good 8 hours since I usually forget to soak them the night before.


Most of the time when I make ham and beans, I usually have ham and the bone left over from the last time we baked a ham, this time I didn’t. I had already used the last bone I had, so I bought some ham shanks to use. These are basically just the bone of a ham with a little meat left on them cut up into smaller pieces and smoked.

ham and beans

Add your beans to the crock pot and any seasonings you want to use. I used garlic powder, onion powder, Tony’s Cajun seasoning, some salt and pepper, then about one shake of red pepper flakes. I did have some ham in the freezer from the last time we baked a ham ( I had used the bone already last time I made beans), so I threw that ham in there also.

Set crock pot on low and add enough water to go over your beans about an inch or so. You will have to check your water level and add more seasoning as the beans soak up the water. I had to add water a couple of times through out the day. Let them cook on low for about 7 hours, then bump it up to high for about the last hour.

ham and beans

With me being from the Midwest, I love cornbread with my ham and beans, but with my husband being from South Louisiana, he grew up eating his with rice. Whatever way you choose, it’s all good! I make a small batch of cornbread and a small pot of rice.

The best part of this meal, it freezes extremely well. I make a big batch, then freeze the rest into meal portions for us for another day. Easy to thaw, warm up, and eat!

**Tip of the day**

Ham and Beans

The ham shanks did not come less than a 3lb pack. What I did not use, I froze after I sealed them up in my Foodsaver. I left extra room at the top so next time I could open it up, take out what I need, then seal it up again to save what would be left for the next time I needed them!


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