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I’ve been having some health issues and I’ve recently been diagnosed with pleurisy. With everything going on I had to have a bunch of blood work done and a chest X-ray. I was extremely nervous about how it would all come out. I’m 39, over weight, I smoke, had gestational diabetes, eat out way too much and I don’t exercise. This is all a recipe for disaster! I fully expected something to come up on the blood work- high cholesterol, high blood sugar; something. My nerves got the best of me while waiting for the results.

I’m feeling better now and all my blood work came back within normal levels. However, my doctor believes that the pleurisy is partially due to a hiatal hernia I’ve had for years. I lost 70 pounds a few years ago and still had a ways to go, but I was able to get off the medication for the reflux caused by the hernia. I’ve since put back on about 30 pounds and now I’m having problems again.

With the recent problems, along with knowing I’m EXTREMELY lucky that nothing was bad in my blood results, I’ve decided to do something about the weight and work on the smoking.

So last week I joined a gym and I will be going back on Weight Watchers. I’ve decided, to help me along, I will be journaling about it and will turn it into a weekly post about my progress and things I’m learning along the way. So look for my weekly post on Wednesdays. They will be titled “Weighing In Wednesday” but I’m not revealing my weight, LOL!  Feel free to give input or suggestions… I need all the help I can get!


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  1. I’ll reveal my weight if you will! 😀

  2. Yay…good for you…I, too, need to begin a healthy lifestyle. I will definitely be a reader of your posts. Good Luck….

    • I hope y’all enjoy it. Knowing me some will turn funny. I tend to find the humor in everything.

  3. I started My Fitness Pal 3 days ago and have already seen results. It is a free ap. being able to record everything right away makes you more careful.

  4. Gale Kelly says

    No need to reveal your weight! I will be reading your series as well Cyndi….most of us need help in this area!

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