Outlet Malls, Hit them Up for Great Savings

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Hit Up Those Outlet Malls For Great Savings

Outlet MallsOne of my favorite places to hit up and shop are the outlet malls! We are lucky enough to have 2 near us. Well, not real close. We have one to the east and one to the west, both about 45 minutes away. But, if you plan your trip right, it is worth the drive, plus, you can have a fun little “daycation!”

My husband is hard on jeans. When I say hard on them, I mean it! He can ruin a pair of jeans to the point of needing to trash them in 6-8 months. It is not his fault, it is really his job. He works in a hot, machine shop with a lot of heavy machinery. Being that his company does not provide them with uniforms, I do my best to find durable clothes for him without breaking the bank.

My First Stops Are the Outlet Malls

Last week, when my husband told me he had about 3 pairs that were ready for “jeans heaven,” the first thing I said was “we are going to the outlet malls this weekend.” One of our favorite stores at our mall is the Vanity Fair, Lee, Wrangler outlet store. He has even found several shirts and jeans in there for every day wear.

He was able to get 4 pairs of Wrangler 5 star jeans for only $12.50 each! They had a regular ticket price of $30. We saved $17.50 on each pair.

I will spend money on quality clothes, but for jeans that he is just going to ruin in 6 months, I hate to spend a lot of money.

When you need to save on clothes, among many other things, don’t count out the outlet malls! Some of my favorites are the kitchen outlet stores, clothing, and shoe stores. Before you run out to the regular malls, don’t count out the outlet ones. There are big savings hidden in those stores!


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