Holiday Shopping Tips

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Holiday Shopping Tips

Holiday shopping tips

‘Tis the season, let the games begin! We look for the best deals, the best gifts we can find and we usually go overboard because we don’t utilize these holiday shopping tips or have a plan. Or sometimes we see something that will be an amazing gift, perhaps a trip in a private jet from, or some beautiful jewelry, and we buy it without really considering the price or our budget. Be reasonable. You do not need to buy something for every person you know and each of their family members. The holidays are about giving of yourself and showing the people in your life how you feel about them not going into debt.

Plan ahead, organize and stick to the plan
  • Make a list of everyone you want to give gifts to.
  • Design a set amount for each person’s gift.
  • Put that money in an envelope with the person’s name so you don’t over spend.
  • Avoid using credit cards or opening new store cards for that ‘additional discount.’ You are not only running the risk of adding to your debt that you may not be able pay right away, but it also effects your credit score every time you do it.
  • Keep it casual – Invite friends over for brunch or dinner. If you want, you can ask everyone to bring a dish or cover the cost yourself. Specify no gifts allowed or exchange gifts as suggested below. Ornaments are always a safe choice.
  • You can also have a cookie exchange. Each person makes their favorite, 1 dozen for every 6 people and include copies of the recipe for people to take home and make themselves.
Holiday Shopping Tips – Large group gift exchange

If you have a large group of friends, or you want to do something fun at work, consider a gift exchange. You each buy one item and put a maximum cost on it; $10.00, $15.00, etc. Draw a name from a hat, the first person chooses the first gift, next person chooses a gift and can keep it or steal from the first person. The third draw can keep their gift or steal a gift from the first or 2, etc., etc. It’s ridiculously fun.

Can you make gift bags or baskets from your stockpile?
  • Cosmetics – skin care, body wash, hair clips etc.
  • Dinner – Spaghetti sauce/pasta or dried tortellini/Alfredo sauce, wooden spoon/pasta spoon, dish towel set, bottle of red wine wrapped up with a large pasta bowl.
  • Family movie night – Redbox gift/Blockbuster gift certificate, microwave popcorn, candy wrapped up in a large popcorn bowl. Maybe an inexpensive family friendly board game too.
  • Homemade goodies – Make small desert breads, homemade candy, cookies etc. Place on small platter and wrap in decorative cellophane like a tee-pee.
  • Breakfast – Make breakfast breads like cinnamon rolls, coffee cake, scones. Add a bottle of jam or marmalade and a package of nice coffee.

Put some thought into the people on your list. What can you do for them that they will enjoy? Plan ahead and say Ho Ho NO to starting the new year deeper in debt than you are right now. What holiday shopping tips do you have for everyone?


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