Home DIY Remodel Bathroom Project

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Home DIY Remodel of Our Bathroom

We recently took on a home DIY remodel of our bathroom. We thought about hiring someone like Thomas Buckborough & Associates (https://www.tbadesigns.com/acton-design-build/) to do the job, but then decided that we would make the time and do it ourselves instead. I think we all have that one room in our homes that we wish we could redo and make it the way WE want! Ours is our master bathroom. While it is big with lots of room and a huge walk in closet, we have always hated having a shower separate from the big garden tub. This tub is so big, and takes up just about of the whole bathroom. We never use it, so why keep it in there wasting space?

We made a few visits to the Home Depot and Lowe’s picking out exactly what we wanted and set our budget. We also made a few trips to the Habitat for Humanity Re Store and found a brand new bath tub and Kohler sink. We just shaved over $100 off of our budget immediately! Plus, we saved over $2,000 by doing it ourselves and saving on labor costs! Of course, we hope that nothing will go wrong with anything in the future but, should we need something like a faucet repair, we know we can check out plumbers like Make It Drain and call one out if the job turns out to be beyond our DIY skillset.

This is what we started with, and yes, I hate those wall mirrors too.

home DIY remodel

The first part of a home DIY remodel is one of my favorites! Demolition! I kept hearing Ty Pennington’s voice in my head saying “Let’s do some demo.” I loved seeing that tub go!


Because we put this new tub/shower back in the corner, we had to build a wall to hold the plumbing and the new fixtures. This was also needed to make the “alcove” for the shower walls we put up. I also painted the top of the walls white to cover the wall paper. Once we decide on a wall paint color for entire bathroom, the top of wall above shower walls will be painted same color. It was a bit of a tricky job, and at one point we were considering hiring in some contractors, like those who work in home remodeling in Boulder area, but we eventually decided we were going to stick to the challenge and finish it ourselves.

home DIY remodel

Next was putting up the shower walls and installing the new fixtures. The shower walls were a bit tricky, they all have to be perfectly straight, and I have to give credit to my husband who did an amazing job! I was so proud of him. He did all the plumbing himself, and even though we may contact a professional plumbing company (learn more here) to give it a thorough inspection just to be sure that all the fixtures have been installed correctly and so forth, we should be good to go. Once everything was caulked and sealed well, then came the 24-hour wait. This was the hardest part! After a week of work, I was so excited to try out the new shower.


As you can see, we still have some trim to put up where the shower walls meet the real walls and around the wall we built, but we are saving that until the end when we trim everything and make the entire trim match!

There is still a lot to do, but a new closet and vanity is next on the list on our home DIY remodel projects!

What DIY projects have you done or do you want to do?

Happy DIY’ing!! ~Lisa


  1. Gale Kelly says

    Lisa… looks great so far. I cant wait to see the vanity you are redoing! Hubby has done everything in this house from installing ceramic tiles in the kitchen, hallway and bathrooms, painting, laminate flooring in the living room, dining room, installing new sink and countertops in the kitchen.. and the list can go on and on…….I may have some before and after pics I can post… will have to look for them. In the meantime…you and Tim are doing an awesome job!!

  2. Love the job you all did! I cant imagine giving up my jacuzzi tub but then we use ours all the time. Very impressive work! Love visiting the re-store!

    • Renee, if this would have been a jacuzzi tub, no way would I have gotten rid of it. lol It was just a big tub and it was taking too much space where I could have a regular size shower. I have to say I love it now! Thanks for the compliment!

  3. Oh i see! My dream is to have a big claw foot tub for a true calgon take me away moment lol. I would give up the jacuzzi for that but not putting expense in til we downsize to my ‘forever’ home. I will just keep getting all these tios and hints til then lol. And you are welcome! I love the job y’all did.

  4. Michelle Schlund says

    We have a big corner tub like that also! However, I love it with the exception that it is just not long enough! But, we also have a shower in the same bath..so the tub stays! 🙂 We have already added a 4th bedroom to our home, replaced all the interior doors and now are getting ready to install the kitchen sink that we have had sitting in our bedroom since summer! I have to buy a router though and then after that we are going to build and entry closet. We have a ton of wasted space in our house that is just wide open and worthless (2 rooms right beside each other, a family room and living room) the front door is in the living room and there is no closet! IDK who’s bright idea it was not to put one there..but it is coming soon cause I am seriously tired of the rocking chair being the coat and bag rack!

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