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Homemade Beauty Gifts for Christmas – 18 Great Ideas! (12/9/2014) - Homemade Beauty Gifts Tis’ the season for giving! What better way to give than to use one of these awesome ideas for a do-it-yourself homemade beauty gifts! Not only do you show someone that you cared enough to give, but you cared enough to give them a little piece of yourself! These are great for […]

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Easy Easter Egg Tulips & Hydrangeas Arrangement (12/27/2014) - Easter Egg Tulips and Hydrangeas This looks so pretty when finished. Always wonder what to do after you color an Easter egg? Now you can gather up a few and make this gorgeous arrangement! Easter Egg Arrangement Supplies: 6-8 large stems of hydrangeas 12-18 stems of tulips a couple stems of filler greens one large, […]

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Seasonal Produce for January – Save Big by Stocking Up Now! (1/1/2015) - What’s Considered Seasonal Produce in January Knowing when peak seasons are for fruits & vegetables can save you big all year round. Buy your seasonal produce, when they’re in season and freeze until you need them throughout the year. You can cut them up if possible first, to save on room, can them, store them […]

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Healthy Alternatives When Cooking (4/5/2013) - Cooking with Healthy Alternatives It’s not always easy to find healthy alternatives when cooking. We try to eat clean – it’s difficult, but we do the best we can. There are so many additives in food products today, it’s scary. We have cut all dyes out of anything in this house. It’s frightening to see […]

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Bunny Bread – A New Easter Tradition (4/10/2019) - Bunny Bread     Looking for some new, and creative ideas for Easter? Spruce up your Easter table with this Bunny Bread! This is a great centerpiece and tastes good too. Can’t wait to see the kiddos faces when I whip this up for Easter lunch. Bunny Bread Ingredients: 2 1 lb loaves Bread Dough […]

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Hydroponic Gardening At Home (10/16/2013) - I Love Hydroponic Gardening   Let me start by saying that I am no gardener. In fact I can kill a rock and that’s not easy to do! Hydroponic gardening at home is really taking off around the country, but if you aren’t looking for it, chances are you don’t know it’s out there. Not […]

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Shopkick Kicks – Easiest $25 Target Gift Card I’ve Ever Earned! (8/15/2015) - Do you Shopkick? If you have a Smartphone, either Android or Apple, and you don’t already have this app, it’s really easy to use and you’ll be surprised how quickly your points add up! I’ve had Shopkick for over 2 years now and have gotten a bunch of Target & Starbucks gift cards. You only […]

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Tips For Saving At An Amusement Park (3/30/2014) - Summer is the most popular time for going on vacation. While going on vacation can be fun, it can also be stressful if not planned ahead of time. Below are some ways to take some of the financial stress away and save some money while planning your trip to an amusement park/zoo. Planning Ahead for […]

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