Homemade Uncrustables Recipe

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Homemade Uncrustables

If you are like me with kids, a quick breakfast or snack comes in handy and homemade uncrustables were just the ticket with my kids because they love PB&J. Having to make four sandwiches though can slow down a busy morning. When I started my freezer cooking journey I was pleased to find that you can freeze PB&J sandwiches. I leave the crust on my sandwiches because my kids are not picky eaters, but you can easily make them look like the store bought Uncrustables by using a sandwich sealer on the sandwiches instead of cutting them in halves. A sandwich sealer is good if your children don’t like the crust because it will make them into the little pouches. I get my bread from the discount bread store that sells bread at a discounted price that is getting close to the expiration date. When I make my trip, I buy 5 loaves of bread. I freeze 3 loaves, leave one out to use, and I use one whole loaf for nothing but PB&J sandwiches.

homemade uncrustables

Start by putting peanut butter on all pieces of bread. This is to make sure the bread doesn’t get soggy from the jelly when it thaws out. I have done it without putting peanut butter on both sides of the bread and it turned out fine to me once thawed. Maybe do a batch of both and see which way you like better.

Once you have all the bread covered with peanut butter, add your jelly. Depending on how much jelly you want in your sandwich, you can just put jelly on top of one of the peanut butter slices. Just adjust to taste and how hyper you want your kids to be.

Then take your sandwiches and cut them in halves. Or this is where that sandwich sealer would come in. Put the homemade uncrustables in sandwich bags. I put 2 sandwiches (4 halves) in one bag to save bags plus I always need to thaw out more than one sandwich at a time. Once all sandwiches are bagged up, put all individual bags into a large freezer bag and place into the freezer. Now when you are ready for a PB&J sandwich, just grab it from the freezer, throw it into a lunchbox and it will be ready to eat at lunch time.

Bag PB&J

There are many ways this can be done. My fiancé has an even quicker way he does it. He puts peanut butter and jelly into a bowl and mixes it up (it must be a guy thing). Then he just applies it to the bread. It thaws out well also, but peanut butter and jelly mixed up together doesn’t look that tasty to me. Enjoy the homemade uncrustables!


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