HOT! $10.00 Credit Toward Your First $11.00 Jewelry Purchase!

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Candy CrushAdmit it – you’re hooked on Candy Crush! You play for hours until you’re out of lives and anxiously crush the little candies on your screen. Wear your addiction like a badge of honor! This silver plated charm bracelet has six replicas of Candy Crush candies. The bracelet measures 7 inches, but can be adjusted as needed.

The best part? Right now you can score a $10.00 credit toward your first purchase of $11.00 or more on TopHatter! Not convinced it’s a deal? These live auctions go for between $1 and $10 each which means you could score 2-3 pieces of unique jewelry for $1.00! It costs you absolutely NOTHING to check out the auction room. To see what today’s auctions include, simply click on the image above. The Candy Crush Charm Bracelet to the left starts tomorrow. You can preview it in tomorrow’s tab. I would love to hear what you are able to score in the comments below!

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