Hot Cocoa Sundaes – Fun with the Kids

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Hot Cocoa Sundaes

Hot cocoa sundaes

I decided to surprise the kids with a “hot” new idea. Hot Cocoa Sundaes! The idea is simple: Grab your mugs, your favorite hot cocoa mix, and some yummy treats to jazz up this classic winter favorite.

Goodies for Your Hot Cocoa Sundaes
  • Mugs of hot cocoa                                                                                                  Hot cocoa sundaes
  • Mini marshmallows
  • Mini chocolate chips
  • Mini candy canes
  • Cinnamon candies
  • Whipped cream
  • Various Sprinkles




How We Made Ours

I encouraged the kids to drop a couple of cinnamon candies into the mug to enjoy a cinnamon flavor. Some of them preferred hanging a candy cane in the mug for a peppermint flavor. After adding their extra flavors, they dropped in some mini marshmallows (after plopping a few in their mouths first!) and squirted on some whipped cream. Then they added their choice of mini chocolate chips, or M&M’s, and sprinkles on top of the whipped cream. Of course you know that most of them used all of the goodies. I had to really define limits when it came to how much they wanted to put on. Otherwise they would have went way overboard!

When they were all finished, they told me that it was just as fun creating their hot cocoa sundaes as it was drinking them! The fun part is seeing what different creations they made. There are many other goodies you could choose to add to the list too. Cinnamon sticks, caramel or chocolate  drizzle, colored marshmallows instead of plain white, and the list goes on.

Give it a whirl and see what you come up with.  I’d love to see pics of the creative hot cocoa sundaes that come from your house!


Need some mugs for your creations? Check out these cute zoo animal mugs I found on Amazon!  My son still has these even though he is eleven!


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