Household Challenge- Prep To Purge The Closet

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Household Challenge In the Closet

Household Challenge Closet

Here’s our household challenge for today. My closet has always been a nemesis of mine. I go in to clean it out and end up standing there staring at a piece of clothing debating whether or not I should donate it or keep it. The questions start flooding my head; “When did I wear this”, “Will I wear it again”, “Can I do without this piece.” More times than not, I convince myself I’ve worn it or will wear it and it goes back in the closet.

My boss had a great suggestion. He told me to turn all the hangers backwards on the bar. Then as you wear something and return it to the closet, you put the hanger the “correct” way on the bar.  Revisit this later and see what hangers are still backwards. If they are still turned, you haven’t worn the item.

How Often Should this Household Challenge be Performed?

I usually do this twice a year; at the beginning of summer and winter. Then towards the end of the season, anything that hasn’t been turned gets donated. It may surprise you how much is in your closet that you don’t actually wear. The first time I did this I had 2 very large double closets FULL of clothes. I ended up donating 8 yard garbage bags of clothes. I was embarrassed that I had been holding on to that much clothing. I was a little leery about getting rid of some things, but I have to say, I never did go into the closet looking for an item that I had given away.

So your household challenge is to go turn those hangers around! Write the date down somewhere so you know when you did it then revisit your closet in a few months and see where you stand.


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