How A Military Wife Does The Holidays

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Military Christmas

Military Christmas

For the second year in a row, our family is apart during the holidays while my husband is deployed in the military.  In our household, and many others, this is the most coveted holiday of them all. It is a time of year where we can really slow down and be that Rockefeller Painting. We bake, craft and shop together. We play games and snuggle up on the couch for movies, attend holiday parties, and host them as well. I love this time of year for all of those reasons and more.

Now don’t get me wrong, we are not the world’s most perfect family. We add our own brushstrokes of arguments, tattling and time-outs to that painting! But, when daddy is home, our painting is, well… complete!

Always Have a “Holiday Season”

One thing you can do when your spouse is deploying is create the Holiday season in your home. This year, because of my husband’s deployment after Thanksgiving, we hung all of our Christmas decorations up well before Thanksgiving. We turned on our favorite Christmas CD as we put up the tree and hung all the decorations. The lights went up on the house and the lawn was also decorated. Just doing that made all the difference in setting the mood for the season. It also helped to ease my mind a little for the impending deployment.

Last year he deployed too early in the season to help, so sending him pictures of everything in process and the finished product helped him have some sense of “normalcy” even though he was far away. We were as blessed as we could be having that time spent with him. Thanksgiving is always such a hectic day. Every year we spend it with our military family of 10 years. They are a large family of eight and we love every one of them. It was a treat for all of the kids to see my decorations up early and it really brightened everyone’s mood.

Military Deployment? Have Christmas Early

Military Early Christmas

It was decided by my husband and I that we would give our kids Christmas from Mom and Dad before he left. So my “sister” (my BFF) suggested that we also have a Christmas dinner as well. Now being just two days after Thanksgiving the idea of cooking another big meal did not really appeal to me at all. However, I took her advice and made our traditional ham dinner. After dinner we again turned on the Christmas music and Daddy played his part as Santa and passed out each of our three boys their gifts. Mom took pictures and Dad soaked in all of the excitement and joy that was to be had from his boys. It was bittersweet, but truly a great day.

If your spouse is deployed and you don’t have money yet to really get them their gifts, another great option is to get them food and hygiene products. Take them from your stockpile! I can not tell you how excited my kids were last year to get AXE Body Products, Diet Soda, Mac n Cheese and Animal Crackers! You can also hit the dollar store too, even though generally those toys don’t last long, get them a screwdriver, a little cubby box, a mirror they can hang on their wall, or even their own plastic character plate! As long as they can open it and it is something that they like, most kids will love it. I was a skeptic on all of that too, my other sister had suggested that I do that one year. I gave it a go, and I was truly shocked that it worked!


All in all, each military family member left behind because of deployment, has to make due with what we are handed. Holiday season or not, we all sacrifice for a cause far greater than ourselves. We are married to the military, and the world does not stop turning because of our Holidays. So as the spouse, the heavy burden falls on us to keep the ball rolling. I say a prayer every night, not only for my soldier, but for every one of his Brothers in Arms. I also say an extra special prayer for each family member left behind. May God bless and keep you safe and lend you strength to carry on in your time of need. May he guide our soldiers home and safely return them to our loving embrace. Amen.



  1. That is so nice to hear that even if your husband is deployed, you still make it to a point that Christmas will be the best for all of you. And I love how you stay calm and positive being the wifey of a military and also the fact that you pray for all other families with a husband like yours. Let us all be happy and safe for 2012! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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