Couponing, How It Lessened My Grief

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Couponing Lessened My Grief

Couponing lessened griefHow has couponing helped you? This is one weird way it’s helped me. I was out of town last week for a family emergency and one of the things that kept me sane was helping my cousin to learn how to coupon. She has four little kids, she’s a stay-at-home mom and her husband was just cut down to part-time hours. Not good. So, we started talking about couponing and other ways to save money. Because her 2 year old is developmentally disabled and needs her constant attention, working outside the home is not an option for her right now.

The “Old Way” of Couponing

She’s the way I used to be with coupons. She gets the Sunday paper each week and clips coupons for the few things she needs, makes her list and off she goes. I used to do the same thing and thought I was doing good saving my four or five dollars every week. I started to talk about my 3-month stockpile and her first question was, “What is a stockpile?”

The “New Way” to Coupon for Financial Gain

I didn’t want to overwhelm her so we just went over some basics. We bought her Sunday papers, I showed her how matchups work, how to begin a stockpile, the best way to store her coupons, etc. One thing I realized while doing all this with her, is that it took our minds off the matter at hand; our Aunt passing away. I hadn’t seen my cousin in about 5 or 6 years. We rarely talk and although I knew about all the kids, I had no idea about her current financial situation. Now, even if in a small way, I’ll be able to help her with it by continuing to teach her all she can do with coupons.

The moral of my story? First of all, stay close to family. I could have been helping her with couponing ages ago, but we had just lost touch over couponing 101the years and I had no idea what was going on in her life. Secondly, no matter how bad you’re feeling inside, the best way to snap out of a “woe -is-me” funk is to help someone else.

You know how “they” say, with every bad thing comes something good? Well that’s exactly what happened. If it weren’t for my family member’s death, and all our family getting together, I probably still would have no idea about my cousin and she would still be trying to handle things on her own, without that coupon & stockpiling knowledge she now has. Who knew that couponing would have brought some solace to both of us?

Couponing Can Help with More than You Realize

The next time something bad happens to me, I’m going to start looking around for someone to teach couponing to. I never would have thought something like that could prove to be such a Godsend.

Until next time; Shop Happy ~ Michele

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