How I Break Down, File and Organize My Coupons

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This week, we’re all going to be showing you detailed information on different ways to organize your coupons. What I do is break down my  inserts and clip the “most used” coupons and it takes me less than 45 minutes a week. Before you get started, make sure you have a big area to work on. If you have little kids, I highly recommend doing this while they are taking a nap. I have had a child mess up all of my piles of inserts and it was no fun putting them back together.

Breaking down the inserts

The first thing I do is break down the inserts. Sometimes you can open them up and separate down the middle, other times you may need to go through the whole insert page by page. Once I have one insert done, I make a pile for each individual insert. In my case, since I get a 10-pack from Insert Insanity, I will have 10 piles.

Staple: Grab the top page of each pile and staple at the 4 corners so that the pages are aligned and don’t slide around when it’s time to file them. Continue doing that with each page until you have finish. (I have a recycle box on the floor to drop any pages that are all ads). I then put the pages back together in the format they arrived in. Ending up with 1 insert, 10 pages thick.

File: Then I just label a file folder with Smart Source, Red Plum or whatever source the inserts are. Then I flip through the insert and cut out any coupons we will most-likely use. Since they are stapled in sets of 10, one cut means all 10 are cut. Then I simply add my cut coupons to The Couponizer and I am done for the week and ready to go!

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  1. Vicki Oliver says:

    I personally have a binder and i also file. I have inserts that should be showing up today that I will file away. My local ones I get and printables are filed in my binder.

  2. Mia Elizabeth says:

    so hard to keep this stuff organized

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