Labels for Education – How Multiple Coupon Inserts Help

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Labels for Education

Labels for Education

Here is yet another reason to order or obtain multiple coupon inserts.  In the 1/8 Smart Source insert there was an opportunity for us to turn our little one point “Labels for Education” into one hundred!! This is an amazing opportunity for your stockpile to help in a different way than just feeding and providing for your family. The Labels program awards free educational equipment to schools in exchange for the Proofs of Purchase from Campbell’s brand products.  Schools can earn art, music, athletic and academic supplies that benefit all students throughout the school.  The majority of us have rows of the Campbell’s products in our stock piles!

Inserts for Labels for Education

I got twelve inserts through Insert Insanity and other friends last week.  I was able to take my 12 “100 Bonus Point” sheets and fill them in about 5 minutes from my stockpile! Now my son’s school will have 1,200 additional points for them to add to their totals!!  I’m so excited to be able to help them in this way. If you have these inserts, please use these sheets from Labels for Education, or seek out someone who can use them. If you do not have them, you can still help schools by going to the Labels for Education website and printing off sheets that you can house your labels on. You don’t need these to donate your labels, but it is easier for schools to count if they are on them.

This is yet another way that your stockpile can help others!  For more ways, read a few of these inspirational stories 🙂


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  1. I just cut mine out and need to fill them up. I have been mostly saving “BoxTops” . I am just starting these so a great way to start! My Granddaughters room is winning the totals for her school so far. They get a pizza party or something. The school benefits and these days they need all the help they can get. I couldn’t believe her class list in the beginning of the year. She is in 3K!!! Of course I got a lot for great prices, but a non couponer probably would have been over $300.00. 1 item I was surprised with was 2 disposable cameras…I wonder who pays to develop these 34 cameras of film…

  2. Coupon Erin says

    I’ve only done box tops & didn’t know about this.

  3. jacci leslie says

    I’ve filled 1 1/2 from labels I already had trimmed. I have some 5 &10 point ones, but I didn’t want to attach those. I will be going through my stockpile to fill up more, and then just send the rest into the school blank, then they can add loose ones they have to them.

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