How My Stockpile Saved Us In A Rough Patch

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How My Stockpile Saved Us In A Rough Patch

StockpileOne of the things you will learn here at The Coupon Wizards is ¬†building a stockpile of what your family uses. Find your items at rock bottom prices and create a stockpile big enough to last 3 months until the next sale cycle to save the most money. But, what about when you fall on a rough patch and just can’t afford to go to the store each week?

About 3 1/2 weeks ago, my husband had some medical issues and has been on medical leave from work. We are still looking at 2-3 more weeks before he goes back. That means no work, no money! What do we do? How do we live? How do we eat and get groceries?

Here is where my stockpile saved us. Because of my 3 month stockpile of groceries and HBA products, that is one less thing I have to worry about when adjusting the budget to live right now. Because I have had to dip into the emergency fund for some bills and expenses, ¬†I adjusted the grocery and drug store budget to be much lower than normal. Why? I don’t need to buy anything, except for a few things here and there like bread, milk, eggs, basically weekly necessities. In the last 3 weeks, with the exception of one grocery trip where I did have to get a few things we were out of, those necessities are all I have bought. I have not had to make a drug store trip because we have everything in the stockpile.

In the beginning when I first started building my stockpile, I had some family and friends laugh at me and wonder why I would buy 10 of something. Friends, this is why. I can cook dinners and we can be comfortable knowing we have everything we need right here at the house and not spend any unnecessary money when I have tightened the budget tremendously right now.

Building a stockpile is important in more ways than one. Yes, you save when buying at stockpile prices, but also look at the bigger picture. What if something happened in your home? I have told my husband since the beginning, one of the reasons I have my stockpile for the “just in case” anything should ever happen. Well, guess what? It did! Did I stress? NO!

Stick with us here at The Coupon Wizards and let us teach you how to prepare for the unexpected.


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