Bake a Cake with Toddlers? Here’s How

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How to Bake a Cake with Toddlers

This was my first and final attempt to bake a cake while the triplets are awake. What started out as a great idea, soon turned into a huge mistake! Here is a play-by-play of my attempt to bake a cake with toddlers.

Remove toys out of the oven. Turn on oven. Get out bowl, spoons, measuring cups and ingredients. Remove 12 Lego blocks, 6 toy cars and a barbie doll from kitchen table. Measure out 2 cups of flour. Remove Bella’s hands from the flour. Wash flour off. Measure 1 more cup of flour to replace flour on floor. Put flour, baking powder and salt in a sifter…

how to bake a cake with toddlers

Answer ringing phone. Tell solicitor, “no thank you” as I watch Emilio pour the flour out on the table. Attempt to vacuum up the flour. Take out and grease pan. Take Emilio to wash his hands. Return to find Bella & Alex rubbing the shortening all over their bodies. Attempt to wash off shortening with a cloth. Emilio decides to knock over the bowl of dry ingredients and proceeds to lay on top of it.

Wash kitchen floor, wash table, wash walls, wash dishes, wash kids. Call bakery. This is just one of the many disasters that happened during my first 3 years of raising triplets! Word of advice? Don’t bake a cake with toddlers 😉


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  1. buy one from publix with the 4.00 off sheet of cake coupon and 1.00 sept bakery coupon!!

  2. Strap them all in chairs with a snack or something like playdough while you furiously mix ingredients. They’ll make a whole other kind of mess, but at least you can measure correctly and get something in the oven?

  3. Could not stop from laughing.

  4. I usually put the mixing bowl in front of my daughter (2 1/2) while she stands in her Kitchen Helper = Awesome!! And then I measure stuff out, give her the cup/spoon and she gets to pour the stuff in. This way if we need a pause in the action I just have to move the bowl and the ingredients are already not within her reach. When I’m feeling wild and crazy I even let her do some stirring.

  5. Duct tape….. I only had one at a time at that age, and I don’t know how everyone survived!! You are definitely SuperMom!!

  6. Heck I would have left them in the flour on the floor, then finished the cake. Then cleaned everyone up. LOL. I’ve got three 4, 2, and 1. If I’m at it alone in the kitchen with them I usually give them crayons and coloring books at the table or wait till they are napping.

  7. I usually have them strapped down in their boosters around the table and then let them each take turns with the various steps. Thanks for sharing, I got a good laugh!

  8. Christina Cousino says

    My only suggestion to you is that instead of doing it all from scratch, try a semi homemade approach. buy a cake that is baked, and then frost how you want. spring summer you use alot of angel food and fresh fruits with cool whip.. A great dessert with not alot of time required. GOOD LUCK, I REMEMBER THOSE DAYS!!

  9. Jamie Gonzalez says

    You couldnt ask for better “remember when” pictures! As a mother of six with the oldest being 9 when the baby was born I learned that its easier to bake in the middle of the night while everyone is sleeping.

  10. I think you just made sure my son will be an only child!! LOL

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