Storage Shelving – How to Build It On a Budget

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DIY Storage Shelving

DIY Storage Shelving

If you stockpile, you definitely need storage shelving! Our family has been couponing for just over a year now. In that year’s time, we’ve outgrown the storage capacity in the kitchen cabinets. We don’t get too carried away with our stockpile, but we do enjoy the extra savings that we’re able to generate when items are at their 12 week low price. So we had to figure out how to build more storage shelving on a budget.

At one point, the company I was working for was in the process of throwing out wood shelving. Just the shelves, not the end rails or hardware. My thought was, hey I can make my own shelving system. Well, that was 10 years ago. A few weeks ago, I decided to make an inexpensive shelving system for my grocery stockpile.

How I built My Budget Storage Shelving
  • The boards are 24 inches deep 4 feet in length and 3/4 thick. These boards are made of solid pine, but if you’d like to replicate your own shelving I’d use 3/4 or 1 inch OSB. Most lumber yards such as Home Depot or Lowe’s can rip lumber down to size for a nominal fee.
  • Being as frugal as I am, I used concrete building blocks as my end pieces. They were on sale for 92¢ ea. Concrete building blocks serve 2 purposes. First,  it gives me 18 inch spacing between shelves and secondly, concrete blocks are strong enough to hold the weight of what’s being put onto the shelving system. As you can see in the picture, I made an 8 foot shelving system with 2 boards and 3 blocks per level. The middle block splits the 2 shelves.
  •  I’ve placed the block in the center of the board so the boards won’t tip. I didn’t glue the boards to the block, but it certainly can be done for a sense of security. However, it will make your storage shelving unit somewhat permanent.

Estimated cost of a shelving unit like mine would run about $50-$60



  1. Susan Clark says

    Great job. That was a great idea. Brings back some old memories of my first place. LOL

  2. That’s a novel approach, Wayne. But have you checked Menards recently? Since early January, they’ve been offering rebate deals for free shelving brackets and nearly free wood shelf boards. I think the shelf boards come to like $0.50 after rebate. Ours were 4′ long x 11.25″ deep x 0.75″ thick. We stocked up on brackets, shelves, and hardware for our entire basement and only spent about $25 after rebate. Great deal!

  3. Thank you for this!!! I was racking my brain trying to figure out how to get shelving without spending a ton of extra money!!

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