How to Organize your Coupons for the On-The-Go Mom

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How to organize your coupons is the million dollar question. This is how I have been organizing my coupon inserts since I switched from Binder to the File Method in March 2011. I found that I still needed something to store my already cut coupons or “will most-likely use” coupons. After searching the web for ideas on how to store clipped coupons, I found The CouponizerNow, my husband knows to grab this from my purse before heading out to the store.

I carry the this organizing tote in the car with me for any last minute, unplanned trip or unexpected sales. It’s fully stocked and ready to save money: Inserts are stapled and labeled, scissors are ready to cut, sales ads on the side and hand sanitizer for after handling dirty shopping carts. Of course, my cut coupons and shopping list are in my purse in my coupon organizer.

I’d love to hear what method works for you to organize your coupons and inserts and why?

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