Special Order – How Do You Place One?

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How to Place a Special Order

special order

Have you ever thought about placing a special order, but you were unsure if your store would do it or thought it may be a burden? Well it’s actually not. All you need to do is ask. We have all come across a situation when we really want to buy something in larger quantities because it’s at our stockpile price. Maybe it’s a product that you don’t see a lot of when you go to buy it or maybe it’s something that doesn’t go on sale very often. Whatever the reason, keep in mind that placing special orders is something most stores will do for you.

Special Order Example

I use a product called Biotene. I need to use it for severe dry mouth due to medications. They have different products, but I prefer the mouth spray that retails for $7.99 a bottle. Unfortunately, I hadn’t been able to get a good deal on it until it was going to be BOGO half off at CVS for the first time since I started using coupons. It very rarely goes on sale, so it was a great opportunity to stockpile it. Not only was it going on sale the following week, but it was the perfect opportunity to get the best deal I could. So many of the wizkids had sent me coupons out of thoughtfulness because I am known as the Biotene and P&G Wizard.

I had also purchased six of the Reinventing Beauty Magazines for .99 ea  because there was a $5 off of $10 Glaxo Smithkline coupon in it and they are the ones who make Biotene. Shortly after that, my Pharmacist called me and said she had eight of the same coupon inserts that were in the magazine for me.  That’s another reason to develop a good relationship with as many of the store personnel as possible.  I use at least one spray bottle a week of the Biotene and my Pharmacist knew it so I HAD to place a special order.

My Order Details

I decided that it was the perfect time to do a special order. First of all, they only stock four or five bottles of it and I never bought more then two at a time. I always make sure there’s enough for the next person when I’m doing any shopping. I asked the store manager if she could order me 24 bottles a week before the sale started and she had no problem with it. I showed her all the coupons I had and she agreed it was the best time to do a special order for it. A week later the Biotene came in and I did two identical transactions as shown below. Here is the breakdown:

Twelve Biotene Mouth Spray’s  @ 7.99 ea.
Retail, $95.88
BOGO @ 50% off = $71.88
I used seven $5/10* (SQ) and twelve $1/1  (MQ Expired)
Total Saved $70.97
Total OOP $24.88

Current $5/$10 Q store coupon available at CVS in their Reinventing Beauty magazine. Coupon expires 6/30/12. Magazine may not be available at all stores, but if you ask the store manager, he or she may be able to get it in for you.

Request a Special Order Next Time

This was a huge savings for me. Instead of paying $7.99 a bottle, I ended up paying $2.07 a bottle. I have a great relationship with not just the store manager and the Pharmacist, but with all of the employees and it’s something I hope you do too. You can find the Reinventing Beauty Magazine in the beauty aisle or up front. They may not have it at your CVS, so ask the manager if he or she can start carrying it. There are some other great coupons in it so it’s worth while picking up a copy. I ended up using or trading most of the other coupons. Make sure you look at all of the coupons. Most of them are store coupons, even though they say manufacturers coupon at the top. If they don’t start with a five, then they are store coupons which means they can be stacked. That’s what I did and it payed off in my special order!


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